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Thread: I have PCOS, a uterine septum and a constricted vagina!!

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    Unhappy I have PCOS, a uterine septum and a constricted vagina!!

    Hi everyone

    I'm trying to get pregnant.

    I have PCOS and also had a uterine septum which was removed during surgery a few days ago. doc has put me on progynova (oestrogen) for a month to help to heal the uterus, then I will start taking Clomiphene to hopefully induce ovulation.

    During laporoscopy, doc found the upper third of my vagina was very restricted. deep sex (penetration) is very uncomfortable for me, and doc said I may have to have a c-section birth if I get pregnant. If other people's vagina's stretch for child birth, why wouldn't mine?

    Any one had similar experiences they can share with me?

    It's all been quite a lot to deal with, but I am lucky to have a very supportive husband.

    I am interested to know if anyone has got pregnant after uterine septum removed? And if anyone else has a restricted vagina?

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    Ouch im sorry to hear what you are dealing with. I do hope theres some one out their who can share their experiances with you.

    Good to hear you have such a great DH...

    All the best

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    Thanks for your support Kimbaz

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