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Thread: I was just dx with endometriosis

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    irisha Guest

    Default I was just dx with endometriosis

    Hi I am new.
    I went to Gyn for the first time few days ego. I went bc I was 10 days late, I was happy since I thought that I might be pregnant. I am 24 and my husband and I want to have kids. After the doc finished, he asked me if I have pain during sex - I said yes. That is when he told me that I have endo. I felt like it was the end. I still feel that way. But I want a second opinion, bc I don't have any symptoms. I feel fine. I get some pain only the first day of my period, by not so bad, motrin always helps. I don't bleed alot. I really hope that I don't have endo bc all my life all I wanted is to have kids.

    Please tell me what do you think??????????????/

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    First of all welcome to BB!

    If you do have endo don't think that you can't have babies. There are loads of women who have had no problems with getting pregnant with endo.

    What test has your Gyno done to say you have endo?

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    Hi there irisha welcome to BB! Kathryn, is our resident endo guru, so I am sure she will post as soon as she can. Try not to worry, endo doesn't mean you can't have children, Kathryn has a beautiful 2 y.o. boy and another boy on the way! So it can happen. I realise how stressful this must be for you, but try not to worry as Lara said there are plenty of helpful and supportive girls around here.


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    Hi Irisha

    I know exactly where you are coming from and understand all your fears as I went through all of those fears as well !!!

    I was diagnosed with severe Endometriosis at the age of 22 and had to have a lapraoscopy. Endometriosis was only picked up with me when I underwent a lapraoscopy to see what was causing a huge cyst on my left ovary (when I first went to the hospital they thought i had appendicitis!!)

    I was always having pain during intercourse and period pain was so bad I used to pass as a teenager till ponstan became available.

    After my lapraoscopy I was told my chances of ever having children were so slim that they wanted me to undergo a hysterectomy right then and there. But I said I wanted to at least give trying to conceive a child a shot.

    When I was 24 I started spot bleeding mid-cycle and went back to my surgeon. It turned out a ligament had adhered itself to my womb and I needed another lapraoscopy to free it. That was in Oct 2000.

    February 2001 I came off the pill and fell pregnant 10 days later. I went on to have a my 1st son Kameron.

    April 2003 I went back to my surgeon cause I was having pain in my left side (something I had never experienced before) and I told him that I had come off the pill to try and fall pregnant again. So he gave me a 12mth time frame to conceive otherwise I would be in for surgery again. 3 months later (July) I fell pregnant again and am now only 10wks away from giving birth.

    The only way to know for sure you have Endometriosis and how severe it is to have a lapraoscopy (day-surgery and my scars are so small you wouldn't know they are there) they can also perform dye studies while you are under to make sure your tubes are clear.

    So by all means get a 2nd opinion if you want. But a doctor can't tell just by looking at you

    Also if you want you can visit my website that has my whole endo story. [url][/url]

    Love :smt049

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    Hi Irisha

    I am the similar to you although have got endo but also had a cyst removed. There is so much they can do these days so dont worry I'm sure your wishes will come true just be positive & have faith. Like you, that is all I want in my life & my Gyn, told me if I was to want kids to have them in the next 2 years & that if I had already had them he would have done a hysterectomy. I was really worried, then came across this forum and it has made all the difference in my attitude. The beautiful people in here are so understanding.

    Best of Luck with everything Irisha
    Take Care
    kt250 O

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    Hi irisha,

    Don't think that because you have endo you can't have children... I've been blessed with two beautiful children.

    I was finally diagnosed with Endo at the age of 25... after having painful periods from day dot... and the previous two years going through intermitant bleeding that eventually went to every two weeks instead of monthly and last for a week or more. I also started bleeding during intercourse and the problems were causing a strain on my marriage.

    Finally with it being suspected... I was scheduled for surgery... Endo can not be diagnosed without a laparoscopy to confirm it. Once in... it can range from mild to servere... with a many and varied symptoms... some women have none... some have many.

    I was diagnosed with servere endo... and after my lap was place on Zolodex for 6 months to control it. This places you into a mini menopause... unfortunately for me... it didn't help too much... I was back for a lap less than a year later... with my doctor suggesting we looking seriously at conceiving.

    I will say it took me two years and another lap inbetween to finally fall pregnant with DS... however... I have a problem of also not ovulating all the time... which doesn't exactly help.

    I'm now 34 and have been through 5 laps... I average about 1 per year... throwing 2 pregnancies in there of course. My endo in reoccurring... but not all women have it this way... and in fact pregnancy can in fact cure it.

    With DD... I had a lap just after we started trying to conceive... and I was blessed 5 months afterwards with another little miracle.

    I won't say it is easy... cos I know for me... it isn't always... at the moment... it's in control and I'm mostly painfree for the longest time I can remember... of course with children out the way... I don't have to worry about conceiving again.

    Once you know you have it... you can look at controling it.

    Get a second opinion by all means.

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