thread: I think I might have Endo.

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    I think I might have Endo.

    Hi Ladies,

    Well unfortunately with this cycle I have had spotting for 10 days during my LP.

    4 days after O-ing and then so far another 6 days.

    I spotted for 10 days leading up to AF last month. My period only really lasts heavy for a day or two then is pretty much gone

    I also experience pain during sex when DH pushes on one part and have IBS.

    Stoppid thing is, I had an internal ultrasound for the pain i was having during sex...the damn sonographer pushed on a part that made me jump out of the bed!

    He did this a few times then told was my bowels and to have them checked out....never mentioned endo or anything like that.
    You would think that beacause my complaint was vagina/uterine related that the thought of endo may have crossed his mind?

    I have given up hope that this spotting has anything to do with implantation etc.

    I'm a bit scared and its made me a little anxious again.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.


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    Do you have any other symtoms Chrissy. They can include but are not limited to

    • * Extremely painful (or disabling) menstrual cramps; pain may get worse over time
      * Chronic pelvic pain (includes lower back pain and pelvic pain)
      * Pain during or after sex
      * Intestinal pain
      * Painful bowel movements or painful urination during menstrual periods
      * Heavy menstrual periods
      * Premenstrual spotting or bleeding between periods
      * Infertility (not being able to get pregnant)

    I was on the pill when i was diagnosed, so the only symptom I had was painful sex (would be in tears 9 times out of 10) before being on the pill I would have really painfull menstrual cramps, so bad I would pass out from the pain, but going on the pill eased that. I was only diagnosed when a week after being hospitalised for suspected appendicitis I demanded an u/sound and they found a burst ovarian cyst.


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    Jul 2004
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    The only symptoms that stand out for me are:

    The pain during sex....betetr described as an occassional sensitive spot which when pushed on too hard makes me jump.

    IBS - which could also be linked to my anxiety tho.


    and....other than that, possible fatigue?

    On the pill my cycles were spot the pill the spotting has become more prominent as my cycles go on.

    My periouds I wouldnt say are painful...nothing 2 panadol doesnt get rid of.

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    I would suggest going to see your GP or Gynae. Going by ultrasound they couldn't tell I had Endo, but they had to removed the huge cyst I had so they needed to do a lapraoscopy. It was only during the lapraoscopy that they discovered I had severe Endo.



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    Apr 2005

    #-o I've been thinking about your spotting for a while now (that sounds a bit weird doesn't it 8-[ ) but I hadn't thought of endo. Whatever it is, I hope you get an answer for all your spotting - 10 days in a row is just ridiculous!!!!

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    hi chrissy,
    i have painful sex, especially in a particular area, a bit of spotting, and some other probs (occuring during and after my periods).
    my gp thought endo straight away and sent me for a ultrasound which showed up nothing. i have another appoint, to see whats next.!
    if my gp thought endo, i'm not sure why yours didn't .?
    hope you find out soon! :-k beau.

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    Hey Chrissy - have you had any further thoughts on this? It sounds like a trip to the GP to talk about further investigations/referrals couldn't hurt.

    Beau_9 - I hope your next appt goes well, and you get some answers to explain your symptoms.

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    Hi Chrissy. I had symptoms including af pain, pain during sex, spotting/breakthru bleeding, way back in 96 b4 & after cervical Cin2 surgery. I repeatedly told my Gyn about this, but he wasnt at all worried & ordered no tests, he said it was probably my bowels. Well I gave up & just decided to listen to him. He closed his practice 1-2yrs later but was still doing surgeries.

    Wasn't til TTC 12mths got a referral to an Gyn/IVF Dr/Fertility Specialist. Found out I had 2 rels with Endo. Told him this but he too wasnt at all concerned. I had cycles 23-31days, spotting 4-6days prior to AF, then AF for 2-6days, which is obviously irregular. Still kept mentioning it to him at my follow up visits & he said it is quite possible that I could have it, so I asked him to book me in for surgery & he said no, there's no need for that. Continued on our TTC journey longer, symptoms became worse, especially after taking clomid. Went back to him again & said right, I want to be booked in for surgery, THEN he said yeah I agree, looks like u have a 75% chance of Endo, but 12mth public hosp wait. He suggested I keep using clomid & try AIH then IVF in meantime. Like Hell. I shopped around & after another gyno & a growing waiting list, I bit the bullet & paid privately, phoned on a Fri, aptm on Mon, surgery following Tue. Yep there it was & all removed.

    So trust your instincts & get 2nd, 3rd or 4th opinions. That gyn was the 5th gyn I had seen since 96. I shudder to think that our TTC journey could possibly have been alot shorter if it wasn't for the other gyn's.

    Good luck, hope u find your answers.

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    Thank you girls,

    I have a refferal to a Gyno now, will make an appointment for the school holidays.

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    Apr 2005

    Great to hear about your appointment Chrissy. Let us know how you get on.