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    kewpy Guest

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    Hi everyone

    I am new to this website and have just joined up. I am a endo sufferer also but currently am 16 weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy.

    I have had two endo surgeries (one resulted in a major complication), have been on HRT and also been to a nathopath before I fell pregnant.

    I am part of the Endo Association through Victoria and also a member of the Endo yahoo group. I live in SA.

    I look forward to chatting to you all.

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    Hi Kewpy

    I also live in SA and was also a member of the Endo group in Vic when I was first diagnosed with Endo as I had no idea what it was. I am no longer a member though

    Feel free to also join me and the other girls in the [url=]SA Forum[/url]


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    Hi Kewpy and welcome to BellyBelly! :wave:

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, I hope it is a happy and healthy one!

    Take care,

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    Hello, Welcome and Congrats on your pregnancy \/


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    Pietta Guest


    Hi Kewpy- I have pcos not endo but i know how wonderful it feels to conceive through all the problems-
    Congrats and i hope to chat to you more

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    kewpy Guest


    Thank you to everyone for the lovely welcome and I look forward to chatting to you all on these boards, espeically this forum.

    Yes, it is a true blessing, we both are just over the moon as I have had a really tough time with my endo.

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    Kewpy - welcome. Endo is my problem and am doing IVF because of it. We were successful on attempt # 4 but TTC for #2 has proven to be more difficult. Laps now total 11 and the drugs regimes have been countless.

    Chat any time.

    How were you successful with this pg? CONGRATULATIONS, successfully being pg with endo is not easy - well done.

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    kewpy Guest


    How was I successful getting pregnant?

    I had extensive surgery and then went to a nathopath who had been to a seminar on endo and we did a couple of treatment plans for a few months and then I went off the pill and we started. I count my lucky stars. I know that surgery made a huge difference but we are not sure on the nathopath treatment that is still in question. I would like to think it helped.

    Good luck Sherwils. HRT can be so nasty can't they, I have only ever been on provera and that was bad enough. All the best.

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