thread: Interesting fact about endo and can someone help please????

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    Jul 2005

    Interesting fact about endo and can someone help please????

    Marylin Munro suffered the majority of her short adult life from endometriosis. Hence her addiction to narcotics. Little was known about the disease back then, and so she suffered, taking her own life.

    I have just been diagnosed with endo, and i also suffer from very mild PCOS. I had a lap/hyst/D&C done last friday after a failed IVF cycle and although i was very groggy after the anaesthetic, my gynea says i will need a further procedure to remove the endo from my bladder and bowel! I am assuming this will be a larger incision and a few days stay in hospital. I am to see him again on Tuesday for a post op consult. Any body who can shed some light on this for me would be much appreciated.

    kind regards


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    I have a friend that had endo in her bowel and actually had part of her bowel removed as well. So I think she does have a bigger incision because of having to have part of her bowel removed too, but they should be able to do it via keyhole surgery I think.


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    Sep 2004

    I have severe endo, and had it in my bladder and on my colon. My colon resection and bladder ops have been all in one, so I don't know why you have to go in again - my dr would have done it then and there. As for a larger incision, I have only ever had the normal keyhole incisions ever for the resection. Make sure you ask all the questions necesary of your dr tomorrow.

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    Melinda Guest

    Good luck at your appt tomorrow Leis!

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    Apr 2005

    I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow Leis.

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    Feb 2005
    Christchurch NZ

    Good luck honey - i know its scary - the procedure should be relatively keyhole - my SIL had part of her bowel removed and they went in via the bowel... so no outside incision for that but the rest had to be removed by the three wee incisions as normal...I had three small areas removed myself through three keyhole incisions...thinking of you....

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    Jan 2004

    Goodluck at your appointment Leis, hope it all goes well for you today.


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    Jul 2004

    Goodluck Leis!

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    Jul 2005

    hi gals

    Well the appointment went ok... the first thing he said was 'this is very unusual, quiet like nothing else i have every seen, but not unusual in a bad way' My doctor will only be assisting in the next op and Dr Michael Cooper who is the king of endo removal will be the surgeon. Should all be happening in the new year. The reason why my Dr didn't remove it was due to its very strange appearance and wanted to reasses with a further colleague before attempting anything. My Dr is having a meeting with Dr Cooper in the next week or so to discuss details and then i am to see Dr Cooper in the new year. Glad my Dr is being very thorough. I have spoken with my cousin who is a Dr and forwarded her my report and she will check them over and go through it with me God love her!!!

    Thanks for all your warm wishes and kind thoughts.

    love and hugs leis xx

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    Dec 2005
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    My doctor told me they cant do anything with the bowel at the same time as anything else as it is considered "dirty surgery" (i think you can figure that one out!) so i can see why you would need to go back again - the risk of infection is high and not to freak you out but if they cut a bit of bowel or slip it can be very dangerous. just so you know...(i'm in the same position as you though!)