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Thread: investigations for PCOS

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    meg Guest

    Default investigations for PCOS

    Hi everyone. Just had another m/c and am finally getting to see a specialist- grr, now that I have met the recurrent miscarrier criteria. The gyn took one look at my hormone levels which were done b4 more last 2 m/cs and had been OKed by 2 drs and said my LH: FSH ratio was all wrong which is often seen with PCOS. I know we have to have lots more tests and I just have to wait, but thought I would read a little. I'm don't fit lots of the definitions, am not overweight, but have always had longer cycles. Definitely am ovulating because we have fallen pregnant first time every time, except for the cycles post m/c. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what tests were used for their diagnosis, symptoms etc, just to make the 2WW b4 our next ob appt a little shorter. Feeling like I need some answers.
    Thanks, Meg

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    Meg, I am so sorry to hear about all the troubles you have been having lately, fingers crossed you will get some answers soon enough.

    Ok, symptoms for me were:

    Weight Gain
    Irregular Cycles ranging from 40 - 70+ days
    Cysts on my Ovaries
    Not Ovulating...

    Ok the tests that were done on me were, the Glucose Tolerence Test (GTT) & Insulin Resistance, I had an ultrasound (if you have polycystic ovaries its pretty easy to tell...mine looked like swiss cheese LOL). They generally check your thyroid too JIC. I am not sure of any other tests as far as I know that was it.

    Symptoms vary for everyone, some experience hair growth/loss, skin tags.

    Since being on metformin I have realised how different I was with PCOS. My moods & energy levels have stabilised (good for marc LOL).

    If you [url=]Login[/url] to the BellyBelly website you can check out our article on PCOS [url=]here [/url].



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    meg Guest


    thanks caitlin
    sounds like a simple u/s will do it, which is good, will just have to wait and see!
    Goodluck with your PCOS, sounds like the metformin works a treat.

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    Pietta Guest


    Hi Meg,

    I also had my testosterone levels checked by the doc as well as all the others that Cailin mentioned. I ovulated maybe 3 times a year before and when i went onto metformin i cycled and fell preg and now all is good, so i promise you, there is hope. Apparently though the insulin and the high testosterone makes you not ovulate. I am sorry i can't remember the the proper wording doc used.
    Another option that my doc gave me was that in the first trimester I stayed on metformin because it helps level out your hormones as PCOS women cant make enough progesterone naturally to support the baby in the first trimester and I almost lost my baby many time according to the doc coz my prog levels were sooooo low. Maybe discuss metformin with your specialist. It has helped me heaps, and from what i can tell from Cailin it has helped her too! There's two success stories for you.

    I really hope this helps. I know the pain and confusion PCOS can cause.


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    aw Guest


    Hey dudes

    I was just wondering if anyone else has come across the same thing.....

    I went to my doc last week and one of the things we talked about was TTC.

    One of the things I am on to help with the PCOS is Progesterone (taken by lozenge) which I take for 10 days which then brings on AF. Apparently my cycles were looooong because I don't produce enough Prog myself.

    Anywho. My doc was saying that once I find out I am pg from doing a HPT, I would then immediately need a confirmation blood test, but also have my blood Prog tested at the same time. Apparently the Prog thickens the lining of the womb so if I don't have enough, then I would miscarry.

    Anyway, the blood tests are urgent urgent, and dependant on the results I then have to make an urgent appt with the doc (ie that day) and then have to have intramuscular injections of Prog to keep the levels up. Apparently it varies but the norm is twice weekly shots to 12 weeks. Usually they give you a script for the Prog and teach hubby to give you the needle in you butt!!! LOL DH is soooo not interested in that LOL

    Anyway, I am kind of freaked out now because such an emphasis was put on the URGENT part of it all. Like, what happens if I don't test soon enough or something.

    Has anyone else had experience with the same thing??


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    Cat81 Guest


    hi Meg,
    sorry to haer of all your troubles,
    I recently read something in an IVF newsletter. A women had had many miscarriages, altho they were easily able to fall pg. It turned out that there was a genetic problem with most of her eggs which prevented them from developing past 7 weeks after being fertilised. Maybe this might be another avenue? Good luck with everything

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    Pietta Guest


    I was told that I was going to m/c this particular weekend coz my prog was so low. I had never ever had prog tablets or anything prior and I was devastated. Anyway I didnt m/c that weekend and I am so happy I didnt, obviously!! I was about 7-8 weeks when this happened. Then I saw my normal doc and he gave me Provera to have instead of injections nd such. I stayed on metformin and had provera and a multivitamin that had folic acid and iron (prone to anemia). I was rattling when i walked, trust me! Anyway i stopped the provera (prog tablet) at 12 weeks and everything has progressed normally.
    Basically what I am saying is that the progesterone is really importnant, but it wont 'necessarily' be urgent if you dont have the bloods done. It was my bloods that made that stupid nurse tell me i was going to m/c. Look after yourself, rest and eat heaps of iron filled foods and stay on metformin if you are on it, and hopefully all should be good. I gave up gym and netball and squash as soon as I found out i was preg just in case.
    I hope some of my rambling has helped??

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    aw Guest


    Hi Pee

    Thankyou soooo much for that info, it really helps. What a stupid thing for the nurse to have said!! That would have been awful for you, just waiting the weekend out.

    I have been charting and I am pretty sure that I am ovulating at the moment, and so we did the BD last night so I'm glad you wrote me when you did!! I feel much less stressed about it all now.

    Thanks heaps once again


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