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Thread: It's confirmed I have endo

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    Default It's confirmed I have endo

    Hi Girls

    Well I think after my lap I can also join this chat forum as well. I had my lap on Monday and it's confirmed that I do have endo. I have it on my bowels and somewhere else I think she said ovaries they told me this while I was in recovery so I wasn't totally with it. My left tube is all clear and my right is blocked. I am awaiting for the hospital to send all the info to my gyno so I can have a chat to her and get the full story. I'm not too sure whether they even lasered the endo away. So I guess I am in limbo land at the moment. At least this might explain why I haven't got a BFP after 12 months of TTC.

    Is there still a good chance of falling pregnant naturally with only one tube open and maybe endo on my ovaries????????

    I guess I am glad in a way that they found endo and my tube being blocked cos it does give me some answers but it also scarces me as I think I am going to ever get my BFP!!!!

    Sorry I am sounding a bit down still trying to get my head around it all.


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    Hi Jade

    Sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with Endo. If they discovered it then I think they would have lasered it away at the same time, as they were probably looking for it as well iykwim. They operated on me not knowing what to expect and removed the endo that I had during that operation.

    You can still fall pregnant with 1 tube

    Goodluck at your reports, how long do you have to wait ??


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    I hoping not too long. I went public and when I called my gyno's office today they said they too take awhile to get the info through. They also said to keep calling once a week as well.

    Do you think I could leave a message for the surgeon who did my surgery to give me a call???


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    So sorry to hear your news. I really feel for you. It has been a long journey for you. Now you know you can attack the ttc situation with this knowledge. We are here for you. Hope things look up for you soon.

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    If your public you could be waiting a couple of months. I know I had too and I was public, but what I did I actually saw my GP for another reason and he rang through and got the details for me. So I found out a few weeks before my actual appointment. My surgeon works at my doctors surgery too and as on hand gynae so my actual appointment was with my surgeon.


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    snowflake Guest


    As mentioned, at least you have found out at this stage. Hopefully the up & up starts here!

    We have been TTC for about 6 months with PCOS & are at the start of medical side of the process too.

    I hope you don't have to wait too long

    Good Luck

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    Hi Girls

    Thank you for all your replies. I am feeling much better about it all now. I have been spotting (brown) for 11 days now when will it stop?????

    I finally have all the results from my lap.

    Endo was mild to moderate but very extensive. Was found in pouch of douglas, on right ovary, on bladder, on tip of the uterus and on the pelvic wall. And it was all diathermiad off which makes me feel sooooo much better!!!!.

    And my right tube is blocked. Do you release a egg from a different side every month???????

    I waiting for my gyno to call me to conifrm that I can start clomid next cycle.


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    Hi just a quickie...

    sorry to meet you under these circumstances, but glad for you that you have a diagnosis...especially if you were in pain! All I could think was "at least its not all in my head".

    In terms of the lap was almost 5 weeks ago and I spotted for ages...i'm not a doctor so do ask if your worried but i had bright red and occasionally brown spotting until my next period (3 weeks). My gynae said this was longer than usual, but she wasn't concerned as long as it stopped after my next period. But it wasn't usual, so ask your doc and just make sure, better to be safe then sorry.

    And in my understand you do alternate in ovulation from each ovary.

    I hope you're feeling better after you lap

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    Thanks Cazz

    So you have endo as well???

    If it keeps going I will ring my gyno or doc. I think cos I also had a hysterscopy that I might spot longer.

    Did you notice a difference when you got your period with cramps etc....

    I know this does sound like a really stupid question but when will I know I get AF. Like will I still get some cramps and I guess when I get a full day of red AF that will be it I guess. I am just stressing cos I want to make sure I take clomid at the right time.


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