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    does anyone know if clomid is bad for you to take over a long period of time and if so what can it do and also do you think ive been on clomid to long
    6 mths of 50mg
    break for 2 mths
    back on clomid but 100mg for the past 4 mths
    im getting side effects bad in the past few mths and my cm is everywhere so that is hard to work out O`ing my temps are all over the place and i dont get a reg period yet it comes any where from 30 to 40 days when she feels like it

    my gyno wants me to see a f/s next but what can they do to help me and what tests and things do i need to have

    what do you think i should do next

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    I went through a gynaeo and now i see a f/s the f/s can give you different directions and advice I definately would go and see one and see how you go! I do not ovulate and my gynaeo never picked that up grr and said me not having a period was normal for PCOS even though i was and still am ttc #1 but you will find a f/s will keep a closer eye on you and do a more thorough check of everything this may /may not help but this has helped my situation at this stage!

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    I hope it isn't bad for us I started on 25mg in Feb Last year. that upped to 50mg about May and 100mg in Aug. I didn't ovulate till i hit 100mg, and i didn't get pgt till December. Thats 11 month.

    Plus I had a M/C 2 weeks ago, so i'm going to go back onto it. I'll have to have a chat to my gyno before i do.

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