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Thread: Level 4/5 Endo successful pregnancies after removal???

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    Default Level 4/5 Endo successful pregnancies after removal???

    Hi ladies

    I just had an appointment with Dr Michael Cooper in Sydney and he is going to remove my Endo on the 23rd of Feb. It is so severe that I will have a urinary cathetor in place for approx a fortnight to allow my bladder to heal as the endo is attatched to it. I am a nurse, so I understand in depth the whole opperation, but my main concern is now pregnancy. My DH and I have been TTC for two years and have had one failed IVF cycle, prior to the endo being diagnosed. Dr Cooper has given us 6 months TTC naturally before we embark on the IVF cycle again. DH and I are prepared for the worse, but we know that adaption is another option. Has anybody else been succesful in conceiving after severe endo removed? Your thoughts on this subject would be most appreciated...

    Many thanks

    leis xx

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    I was told I had severe Endo, but I can't remember where it was on the scale of 5. I am pretty sure it was a 4, but can't remember exactly. Anyway we went on to have 2 children (we had never previously TTC prior to my diagnosis of Endo) with Kameron being conceived 4 mths after my operation and the 1st month of trying.

    Goodluck with everything.


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    I have severe endo (12 laps). I've had those catheters. Plus bowell resection etc etc.

    I had a lap in Nov 2000, then three months on provera to stop AF and let everything settle down, then I tried a natural FET but was cancelled before ET due to poor hormone responses, then tried a low stim FET which resulted in DD (born May 2002).

    I've had an ectopic and a chemical pregnancy in our TTC#2.

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