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Thread: menstrual suppression

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    Default menstrual suppression

    I've been on the pill constantly since my first lap back in December with no breaks/no bleeding. Lately though, I've had some breakthrough bleeding together with several episodes of period pain lasting a few days.
    I've also had several bouts of severe depression lasting only a few days (hormonal?).
    I feel like my body is fighting back and trying to have a period despite the drugs - it feels like a dam about to burst inside me.

    Does anyone else have similar experiences of this?

    I trust my doctor but I'm a bit iffy on this - there seems to be heaps of stuff on the net saying menstrual suppression for long periods is ok but it's not working out for me... I hope someone else has had the same experience because I'm feeling very alone here...

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    Hi Ethac

    I am a bit iffy on it too, and have supressed for up to 3 months once (that is the longest) and it messed with me physically and emotionally... when I decided to have a cycle it was horrid and worse than normal... I know the doctors say that it is all good and what not but it goes against the natural order of things and this is what gets me a bit confused too. I have since stopped supressing it at all (the only time I have since is for my honeymoon, understandably). I am still a bit undecided on the whole thing too, but at the monent I am just letting the pill do its thing and taking a week off for the cycle, and dealing with the pain! I hope this helps even just a bit. You def aren't alone. :-k

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    Hi ethac,

    I could never go for too long. Two cycles at the most, otherwise the bleed was just too painful so no, you're not alone!


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