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Thread: Metformin and Depression

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    Default Metformin and Depression

    Im wondering if anyone has found whilst taking Metformin that a side effect has been depression?

    I know TTC can be very hard, but once starting this Im now feel like Im heading somewhere which isnt a good place.

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    Sorry Summer, I don't know. I didn't have any side effects at all really with Metformin. I don't recall it being listed as a side effect. It's a common med for diabetics, so I don't think so. I know it can cause malaise, or lethargy, which could feel a bit depressing I guess.

    I hope you feel better soon *hugs*

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    I have read somewhere on the internet that Metformin can help with depression (when it is caused primarily by hormonal imbalance). Perhaps what you are experiencing is a result of infertility?? I know I often struggle with life as a result of infertility and everything that goes along with that. I have often had periods (as in stages) when I have felt a lot worse than others. Are you, or have you thought about seeing an infertility counsellor?

    Hope this helps,

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    Well I know how your feeling. I have been on metformin for almost a year and Im about ready to stop taking it cause it makes me so depressed. Most days I dont even want to get out of bed. It gets so bad that my mom once a week gives me talks about how suicide isnt the way. I hope you stick in there and dont feel like your loosing your mind cause its not listed as a side effect. I felt like I was going crazy when I started looking for others with this problem.
    hope things get better

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