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    Hi Ladies,

    Just thought that i would let you in on this little piece of info that i found out yesterday.

    I had the Mirena put in when i was 14-15 years old to treat my PCOS and Endometriosis. And for the 7 years i had it, it worked a treat.

    But now that i am ttc it has caused problems. The progesterone in the IUD has stunted the growth of my uterus. The doctor said that my uterus is the size of a normal 13 year olds.

    I am now having to go onto hormone replacement therapy to try and rectify the situation and make my uterus grow.

    No where on the Mirena Website and instructions does it say that this can happen if used in young girls, so i just wanted to make people aware that it does have side effects when used in younger people.

    More a warning to any mothers of children that may have PCOS and were thinking of using this as a form of treatment.

    Thanks Ladies.


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    Ohhh Prue love.... what a down right pain in the butt.... as if you need any other problems... thanks anyway for the info... it is always good to know these things.....

    Take care honey and all the best with the hormone treatment....

    L :hbeat: VE


    PS :-k does this mean you have to delay TTC again for a bit until the other is sorted?????

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    Hi Leis,

    Unfortunately yeah it does mean that we have to delay TTC for a while until this is sorted out.

    Hopefully it will only be 3 months. I have to go back and have another internal ultrasound to see if my uterus has grown.

    The doctor said that normal size would be roughly 15-25cm (i think) and mine is only 11cm.

    Fingers crossed the hormones do what they are supposed to.

    The only bad thing with the hormones is that they will more than likely make my endo grow quicker, but he seems quite positive that after we grow the uterus the endo can then be removed or destroyed.

    Talk about hitting another brick wall.

    Lots of Love

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    Prue, have you thought of reporting this to the company who makes Mirena? They are obliged to take note of any report of adverse events with their product.

    Not that it will help you know, but it could possibly prevent it happening in the future?

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    My dad is speaking to a lawyer friend of his to see where we stand - but will definitely be reporting it to them for sure.


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    Good on you Prue, for taking some action... I am sorry to hear that you have to wait, I know exactly what waiting is, I have had operation after operation each time being told this would be the last, but each op has found something new and exciting for the Dr's and surgeons to deal with...

    You are still young though honey, and I know this is possibley little help for you at the moment, but thank God you are getting onto it now instead of when you are in your mid 30's....

    take care and keep us updated...

    leis xxx

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    Thanks so much for your support Leis!! Very much appreciated. We are trying to stay as positive as we can and thank god that it is happening now rather than later.

    Will keep you updated!

    Once again thank you very much.

    Lots of Love


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