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Thread: mother of 13 year old

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    Kim.. did you get a chance to check out ECCA website? leis x ps glad the drugs are working well for her... poor little soul...

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    Hi, just wanted to say im really glad your daughter is feeling better. Its really horrible going through that pain at my age let alone during your teenage years. Hope things continue well. Have a good xmas!

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    Hi Kim,
    I was extremely lucky to have had the doctor I had when all of my problems started.
    He knew straight away what it was, but 20yrs ago, all of the other doctors told me he was crazy - almost everyone didn't even know what the disease was.
    He was persistant, though, and after a few months to get her head around it, he finally convinced my mum to let me have a laparoscopy done... thats when they found it.
    One of my ovaries was attached to my bowel, and I had to get a portion taken in order to get rid of the endo, my other ovary was attached to my appendix, and they almost took out my appendix to get rid of it from that side... it was pretty horrendous.
    Its wonderful that the Primolut is working for your daughter... keep on top of it, I can remeber from experience that some meds worked great for a while until the endo got worse, and I needed something extra.
    Hope it brings relief for a while!!!
    Best wishes,

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