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Thread: My SIL has just been diagnosed with Endo

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    Default My SIL has just been diagnosed with Endo

    What I want to know is there anything I can do to help her cope with this!
    We thought she had been dieting but it turned out that she had endo. She would dearly love to have a child but she had a m/c about 7 years ago now!

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    Hi Bellasmum -

    Did she have the endo diagnosed at laparoscopy? If so, they would have removed it I assume. The same happened for me and the doctor told me that the six months immediately following the lap provided me with the best opportunity to conceive. As it turns out that is when it happened for us. Do you know if she is thinking about actively trying again?

    Sorry, but I don't understand the link with dieting ... do you mean she had lost a lot of weight as well? There is nothing about endo that would make you lose weight as far as I know so the two may not be related.



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    I was diagnosed with Endo after TTC for 11months .The removed the endo and discovered I had lost a tube as the endo had sealed it. Then we feel pregnant the month the operation so it is possible!

    Hopefully the Drs have told her that she can still fall pregnant just may take more time and possibly some intervention but that is way down the track probably!

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