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Thread: Natural start to Labour

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    Question Natural start to Labour

    Hello to you all. I found this forum whilst in my first trimester and have been addicted ever since. You are all so very supportive of each other and the information you provided helped me through my pregnancy and most of all my labour.

    I have PCOS was disgnosed New Years Eve 2005. When having my baby boy I wondered whether I would ever go into labour naturally as it is part pressure from bubba but also hormones. I never got the chance to find this out as at around 37wks I developed high blood pressure and was induced at 39wks.

    I would really like to know if it is possible (probably a silly question) to go in to natrual labour?? DS was born within 10hrs of the gels being put in. 2nd stage only 3.5hrs. He came so quickly that it made me think that he was ready to come but my hormones hadn't kicked in or if I hadn't have developed HBP that he would have come natrually. I didn't loose my plug but was about 1/2cm dialated.

    I asked these questions at the time but I still find that a lot of people don't know much about PCOS and say PCO what?

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


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    Im currently 37 weeks with DS number one and have PCOS. My Ob and I are preparing for a natural birth. She has told me that there is no reason why PCOS should get in the way of this as different hormones are involved and it's the ovaries that are affected by PCOS and not the womb.
    Hope this info helps. Maybe have a chat with Ob or Doc about it.


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    Hi and welcome to BB!

    it is entirely possible to go into labour naturally and have a natural or vaginal birth. I have endo problems (not the same I know) and went into spontaneous labour with my first, second and fourth babies (3rd was induced). There is a school of thought too which suggests that it is not the mother, but the baby that signals the start of labour. I'm sure that you will be able to go into labour naturally - there have been many women here on BB who have PCOS and have had spontaneous labours.

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    I have PCOS and my waters broke naturally in bed at 1am in the morning. I tried everything I could to get my contractions to regulate and establish labour but unfortunately I had a stubborn bubba on board who needed a little hand to get her out so I had to have the synto infusion.
    It is completely possible to go into labour naturally with PCOS. I know heaps of women who have (I work in midwifery).
    Good luck

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