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    Hails Guest

    Smile Need advice

    Hello everyone,
    I have pcos I have the cysts on my overiers but i have normal hormones levels has anyone got the same problem

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    Hi Hails, I'm just moving your thread to a forum we have for discussion about PCOS

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    It is possible to have cysts and PCOS, but "normal" hormone levels. This is because your hormones fluctuate so much from day to day, taking a test on any given day doesn't really prove anything.

    It is possible to have PCOS and cysts and still ovulate on most cycles - or even almost every cycle - so any hormone test will come back normal.

    You can have cysts on your ovaries but not have PCOS, as well.

    On what basis did they diagnose your PCOS, if cysts are your only problem? Was it family history, and/or physical symptoms? Infertility?

    If you haven't had a GTT (glucose tolerance test) with insulin levels done, this should be done. It can show you if you are insulin resistant - which is often the underlying cause of PCOS. I had all my hormone levels come back normal - all of my blood tests - but the GTT came back abnormal. So they diagnosed me with PCOS.

    Check out for more info.

    Hope this helps,

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    Hi Hails,

    I have PCOS and too have normal hormone levels. It is a multifarious condition which affects everyone differently.

    It is also possible to have PCO and not have PCOS. PCO is not necessarily a problem it depends on what your other symptoms are. Studies in the UK have shown that 20-25% of women will show PCO on ultrasound at any one time, so it is quite common and possibly just a part of being perfectly normal. PCOS is less common.

    I am also in the minority as I have PCOS and am not insulin resistant. I was diagnosed on the basis of ultrasound and symptoms, and even though I am not insulin resistant, my symptoms improve if I maintain a healthy weight and reduce stress, so for me the key to the condition is maintaining a healthy lifestyle - which is sometimes easier said than done.

    Good luck and I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

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