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    Hi folks.
    I'm new to all this and have made a few discoveries but for the most part these seem to lead to even more questions! Eeep.
    I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago - but as far as I know my symptoms are fairly mild. I haven't really been overly bothered by it especially given that I haven't started baby thoughts....yet.
    However - lately I've been feeling lethargic, bloated, moody (I swear if I don't get off this roller-coaster soon I'm going to puke!) and worst of all I seem to have gone from a nymph to a nana in a space of a few months. My sex drive has gone from Grrrrreat to yawn. I've also been finding it harder and harder to keep the weight off.
    It IS quite possible that theres other factors in my life effecting all this but what I'm wondering is if symptoms of PCOS can increase or emerge if they weren't previously present?
    Also I've read a bit about Metformin etc etc.
    Is there anyone out there who has looked into homeopathic / natural remedies and options?
    Very pleased to have found this forum - lots of light shed and questions answered already.

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    Hi Ag1

    I am also new to this site. I also have PCOS (diagnosed early this year). Like you I was feeling very lethargic and bloated. As far as I know I think its possible that symptoms of PCOS can change at various stages of your life. I was put on low dose metformin and found that within a few months I was feeling a lot better. It also helped to make my cycles more regular and allowed me to conceive!

    I'm sorry I haven't tried any natural remedies so can't comment on that. But check out the PCOS association They have lots of useful info on their website. I hope that helps. Good luck!

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    Hi Ag1,

    PCOS can most certainly emerge and grow as you get older. Last year I was still able to get a 32 day cycle (I have PCOS) - this year I had two months when I got two periods in one month, and then I went 4.5 months without one. Over the past three years, I have gone from getting cycles in the low to mid 30's, to cycles that are completely unpredicatable. I have done almost everything right - eaten well, exercised regularly and my weight has been pretty good for the vast majority of that time - yet my PCOS has still developed.

    I started Metformin 6 months ago. I have ovulated twice on it, but haven't conceived (we have male factor infertility as well). I am currently on my first Metformin-Clomid cycle. Metformin is yet to make me regular... but I am hopeful that it would if I gave it some more time. Metformin has done some great things for me though... it is my wonderdrug!! I has improved my fatigue thousandfold... and I used to get awful fatigue, particularly during the afternoon.

    I find it interesting when people decide Metformin is big and bad because it is a drug - it orginated from a herb that was actually used in medieval times to treat diabetics!!! Yes, it is a drug these days... but it's been around for years and has its origins in a herb.

    Having said that, there are certainly herbal remedies out there that people use for PCOS and that are supposed to work as well. I started off using natural therapies, but didn't feel that they were working, so then I went off them and onto Metformin. I hope someone who knows more about natural therapies can help you with more info.

    Hope this helps...

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