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    Hey all,

    I am new here, my name is Rachel and I am 23years old. I currently live with my fiance and we are set to move soon. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15 when I presented with continual bleeding and severe pain, I have never had a 'normal' cycle. I have had several surgeries which never came up with anything. I have been over weight since I hit puberty, I had my stomach stapled in 2004 and lost quite a bit of weight but since being diagnosed with several mental health issues and started on several psychiatric medications my weight has ballooned to nearly 140kg (which is still a little less that where I started). I am currently on a waiting list for investigative surgery. My partner and I are now talking of having a baby, but I am extremely hesitant due to having several miscarriages. Well anyway I thought I would join this site so I could get some support as it is just my partner and I here.


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    hi rachypoo! welcome to BB, hope ur TTC journey is a short one

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    Help is at hand!

    Hi Newbie and welcome to BB. I believe I can help you.

    First of all, its not surprising at all that you have suffered with mental health issues, as the factors which cause endo also cause depression (the 2 conditions are inter-related). I know this from personal experience. Unfortunately the drugs you are taking for depression are only masking your symptoms - they are not addressing the cause of the problem, which is why you may feel like you are going around in circles. The drugs are also likely to be making your endo worse. In order to really address the cause of your endo and subsequent conditions (depression included) you need to get off the wheel of 'conventional' medicine (I call it the 'system of ill-health') which can only offer temporary solutions such as invasive surgery and synthetic drugs and start tackling the core of the problem. Unfortunately there is no silver bullet approach - and the REAL answer to your health problems requires dedication and hard work.
    I have attached a previous post of mine which will give you some idea of what I am talking about. Subsequent research and an action plan on your part is required for it to really work. Additonal to this, I highly recommend you purchase the book 'The Natural Way to Better Babies- Preconceptual Healthcare for Prospective Parents' by Francesca Naish.


    From personal experience as an ex-endo sufferer (yep- you read that right!) I will help you to cut to the chase. I am not promising miracles, but this is what worked for me after years of going round and round in circles with the 'conventional' medical feild and their limited options of repeated surgery and synthetic drugs which address the symptoms but not the cause of the problem.

    You need to go onto a strictly alkaline, organic (where possible), dairy-free, anti-candida diet and start taking a good probiotic supplement whilst you do that. Most women who suffer from endo have undiagnosed systemic candida.
    Visit your nearest health shop for advice on a good quality probiotic supplement (needs to be kept in the fridge), and for alternatives to dairy.
    Coles and Woolies sell long life organic Oat Milk by Pureharvest - a great alternative for your cereal etc.
    Stop consuming meat and or other animal products which are non-organic and thus are likely to contain artificial growth hormone residue. This will only 'feed' your endo and its associated hormonal imbalances. Organic eggs, organic chicken, etc etc etc.
    Its more expensive - sure. But good health is priceless so I highly recommend making the necessary sacrifices in your life that will assist you in this process.
    Alcohol, caffeine and other drugs have to go (sorry!)
    Artificial food additives also have to go (ie additive 621- also known as MSG. There are hundreds more in our everyday foods). Buy the bestselling guide 'Additive Alert' by Julie Eady to help you with this. Avail from bookstores or online.
    Stop using commercialised, chemically-saturated personal care and cosmetics!! They are absolutely loaded with hormone altering substances, and chemicals which are actually listed as carcinogenic (cancer causing), teratogenic (damaging to a developing feotus) and known to have adverse effects on fertility. Check out Miessence online and be inspired!!
    Stop using commercial brand sanitary gear- especially tampons. Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops (with toxic pesticides like dioxins, that is) add this, with the fact that the cotton is then chemically bleached white to make it more aesthetically pleasing, and you have a chemical ****tail inserted directly into the most delicate part of your body. Again- go to your nearest health shop and get onto the organic cotton tampons asap. Natracare and Jolie will fit the bill. And don't worry about them looking white - they have been oxygen bleached which is perfectly safe.
    For the dietary part- I suggest consulting a qualified Naturopath who will be able to test you for hormonal imbalance, heavy metal toxicity, and many other factors related to endo and ferility problems. Contact ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association) to find a qualified natural health practitioner working in your area.

    I hope I have not overloaded you. I have gone from being a serious victim to an expert in this area so I am very passionate about helping others with this hideous condition.


    PS- you will not have to stay completely dairy free, 100% alkaline forever- but you have a bit of work to do before your body regains homeostasis and until then you have to be quite strict on yourself. Once this balance is regained it is a constant effort to make sure it is maintained - so that will mean indulging in alcohol, dairy and refined foods in moderation.

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    Welcome Rachypooh - I have found this site to help me immensely Being able to read and share personal stories and experiences makes you feel like your not alone

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    hi rach,
    welcome to bb,
    i hope your ttc journey is short.
    love rach xxx