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Thread: One step closer to treatment, I hope

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    Angel Dreams Guest

    Red face One step closer to treatment, I hope

    For nearly 10 years I have suspected that I suffer from PCOS. I have had abnormal hormone levels, the weight issue, hair in the 'wrong' places, and irregular periods.
    It is only now that I am getting some results from my new doctor.

    I had an ultrasound done today. It states that the ultrasound of both ovaries suggests polycystic ovarian syndrome.

    My better half and I have not been TTC because he has had a vasectomy. We are trying to save to have it reversed. He has kids from a previos relationship, I have none. We would eventually like to have children that are 'ours'.
    But anyway.

    My main concern or reason for getting a final or definate answer on the PCOS issue is my weight. It does not matter what I do it is near impossible to shift it, and when I do it comes back and brings friends!

    What has sort of shattered me was not only did the ultrasound show the PCOS (which I am mostly relieved about), it also shows that I have a septate uterus.
    I have been wanting children for as long as I can remember and now that I have found this out it feels like I have had my heart ripped out and crushed.

    I know it is treatable and I might be getting a little bit ahead of myself but I already know how hard it is to save for one lot of surgery.

    In the short term anyway, I am hoping that I might be able to get the right treatment to correct the hormone levels and everything else and also be able to lose weight. It's taken a long time to start seeing some results and to start getting some answers but at least for now I am.

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    Hi Angel.. I am sorry you are struggling at the moment and not knowing exactly what is going on... I don't have any real suggestions, however, a friend of mine who also has PCOS (i do too, but only extremely mild) her DH has also had a vasectomy, and they have been suggested IVF as they will have a much better succes rate, with this procedure rather than a reversal? I don't mean to jump the gun, but IVF could be a better option for you? Especially with your PCOS also?? Maybe you could discuss this with your specialist?

    Love and hugs

    Leis x

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    Angel Dreams Guest


    IVF has been suggested to us, and now with the confirmation of PCOS I think it might be the better option.
    It is one thing I have not looked into the cost of though. I guess that could be tonight's research subject matter. lol
    It is all very depressing too, well makes it worse, because I also happen to 'suffer' with depression too.
    I have no luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angel Dreams View Post
    My main concern or reason for getting a final or definate answer on the PCOS issue is my weight. It does not matter what I do it is near impossible to shift it, and when I do it comes back and brings friends!
    I totally empathise with this. It so hard when you do try and the weight wont shift. Your specialist will be able to help you with what medications would be helpful for you.

    Ive been doing lots of reading on PCOS, as as you can tell by signature I have PCOS.My hormones arnt right, and one ovary is fine, the other isnt. Im going to see a specialist soon. One of the things I came across is that PCOS has a link with depression.

    A healthy Low GI diet is recommended, exercise, low stress (dont we all wish for this).

    There are other very knowledgable BB members who Im sure will be able to offer loads of advice for you too, as well as there is Assisted conception threads you could join for support.

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    Angel Dreams Guest


    *groans* For the best past of 10 years I have been battling my weight and it just keeps going up and up, it does not matter WHAT I do. I can drop a few kilos but then it just comes straight back and I find other people's lost weight too. But I don't loose size, it just grows...
    It is quite depressing. Oh, did I mention the depression? lol
    I actually kind of had a hunch that my depression might be a related problem from PCOS because of the whole hormone/chemical thing. *rolls eyes*

    I don't have a specialist yet. I see my GP on Monday to get results from my bloods (I can't see it being much different to my blood tests for the past 10 years!) and to give him the results from my ultrasound.
    I'm hoping (and I have a feeling he will) refer me to a more specific doctor so I can hopefully, finally, get some treatment.

    I hate, absolutely LOATHE having to take the concoction of meds I'm on at the moment, (I have a myriad of problems from the depression to gastritis to migraines...), but if having to take something like Metformin, (my father is on it because he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes about 6 months ago), that will help treat and to a degree, overcome a few things, then I will gladly, extremely happily, take it and everything else with no complaints!
    Sorry for that huge running sentance, I tend to babble on a bit at times. *idiot grins*

    I have read soooooooooooo much information on PCOS in the past 10 years. The bulk of the reading being more in the past 4 years...
    It is so nice to find a doctor who is willing to listen to what you have to say and then try to get to the bottom of it.
    I have had hormone problems since I was 15, I'm 26 btw.
    I have had the depression since I was 15, that's for 11 years now.
    And it's only just now that a doctor has listened when I said PCOS. I feel like I have been beating my head again a brick wall for the past 10 years!
    I have seen many many doctors in my 26 years. I have moved a lot and been ill a lot.

    I can do the whole healthy low GI diet, and I can do the exercise, that's how I seem to gain weight and size. It's catch 22 till I can break the chain...
    Low stress is not an option for me. Family. I have 2 step kids too. Mister 10 and a Miss (Mrs?) 12...
    AND I have them with me during the whole day by myself on Monday and Tuesday. I've never had to handle them by myself before. *faints*

    Sorry, rambling again. *shy grin*

    I have read a bit around here. The TTC threads and all.
    Thanks, I'm sure everyone here is really nice.

    Oh I had a research around about IVF online too. I didn't realise that Medicare came to the party for the costs!
    They won't for a vasovasectomy, nor will private health funds! ARGH!

    I think I'd better go to bed...
    These pair are going to be ripping each other's throats out by 7am and DH leave for work at 6!
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