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Thread: Ovarian cysts and endometriosis

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    angelique Guest

    Default Ovarian cysts and endometriosis

    Hi there,

    Has anyone had trouble with endo and ovarian cysts?

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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest


    You should check out the PCOS forum.

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    Hi Angelique

    Welcome To BellyBelly

    As Baby_Crazy said we actually have a forum dedicated to Endo/PCOS etc. Where you will find girls (inc me) that have endo and have had an ovarian cyst. To view it please click HERE


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    angelique Guest

    Default Pregnancy


    Hi there,

    Has anyone had any pregnancys with this condition and was IVF necessary? How long did you take to conceive?

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    i was diagnosed with severe endo and an ovarian cyst which had burst (hence the reason for my 1st bout of surgery) at the age of 22. I have since gone on to have 2 boys, who were both conceived naturally. Kam i conceived 10 days after my period had finished from coming off the pill, and Lachlan it took 4 months. 3 months of actively trying.


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    angelique Guest

    Default endo and cyst

    Hi there

    That is great news. I unfortunatly, have not been so lucky. I guess my luck will change soon. O

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