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Thread: Painful BDing

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    Default Painful BDing

    I have inactive endo and adhensions on my left ovary. I had a laparoscopy in January 2006 and I'm currently taking Clomid 50mg. I'm on CD15. We've been BDing from CD12 but last night CD14 it was mildly painful. Since taking the Clomid my mucus watering on cd 11 & 12 & nothing since. Is it the Clomid that is drying me up or do you think its the endo returning?

    I've also been taking EPO from CD1-12 and it didn't help with more mucus yet the month before when I wasn't on clomid it worked wonders.

    What else can I try to increase my mucus? I'm playing its a clomid problem and not the endo returning.

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    Hiya Sam.

    I can't help you out with your clomid question as I have never taking it, but i Hope you get the answers you are looking for.


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    Hi Sam

    I was diagnosed with PCOS after 6 months of TTC with nil result.. i was put on clomid which made my periods so heavy and painful i thought i was going to die. After a failed IVF cycle my gynae did a lap which showed i had severe endo. AFter 8 months and another 2 major ops to remove the endo from my bowel and bladder, it has finally been cleaned up and DH and I can now start TTC again soon... my point.. the clomid fed my endo big time and made it really bad.. Some gynaes are really sceptical about placing patients with endo on clomid... Maybe the clomid is feeding your endo and making it worse????

    Best of luck and if things don't improove stand your ground with your gynaeo!!!

    love Leis x

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    hey sam: EPO is great for trying to produce more CM...keep trying with it but make sure you only take it in the follicular stage of your cycle.

    but yes, clomid does tend to dry up CM so its great if you can use other methods to determine ovulation, like temping, using opks, maybe baby etc.

    Having said that, intercourse shouldnt be painful so I would see your doc asap just to rule out any problems.

    hope you sort this out soon

    p.s leis: i cant believe clomid made your period heavier! it has basically vanished mine!:eek:

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    I think Dan because it flared up the endo it made the AF heavier... and also we think there were a few miscarriages in there too..... love leis xx

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