Wow, I have just had my 2nd panic attack for today and it has left me a lil freaked out to say the least. I have PCOS (was diagnosed in October last year) and since then have had a D&C and Hysteroscopy, which was all clear they just found abnormal hormonal matter?? which confirmed the PCOS. Well 6 weeks after those procedures i went to see the gyno who put me on Metformin (2 tabs per day) and i got my period after a week YAY, this was 7 weeks after the procedures. It was really heavy, lots of clotting (big huge clots) and after the 4th day went to the gyno who put me on Provera tabs to stop the bleeding as i was loosing lots of iron (I have always been low in iron) so now its been exactly 53 days after that and AF has gone on holidays. I was put on Primolut N tabs 2 per day and finished taking them on wednesday morning and am now waiting for AF to arrive, i am anxious to get AF cause as soon as i get it i will start taking my first round of clomid days 2-6 as we are anxious ttc. So i take 2 tabs of metformin in the morning (it used to be one in the morning and one at night but i couldnt sleep so the gyno told me to take them together) i also take 1 elevit tab, 2 calcium tabs all together in the morning. Now it could just be AF showing up in the next few days, or the fact that we are having people over tomorrow afternoon for hubby's birthday but while i was trying to clean the house i just got a sense of panic and started to cry and cry and then shake and shake till i couldnt even breath anymore. And just before the same thing happend. I am really quite scared actually as this has never happend to me before. I am a sensitive person normally, but wow i tell ya. Do you guys think its just all the hormones going weird? has this happend to anyone else while on Met or Primolut? should i contact my gyno or just let it take its course? I am due to see a different gyno on tuesday Dr Lologtis as i have done some reasearch and he seems to be very qualified in when it comes to PCOS, has anyone else seen him for the same thing?
Thank you and im so sorry for rambling, i feel a lil better thanx for listening. Its just so overwhelming.
thank you again and big hugs shayla xx