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Thread: PCOS?????????

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    Default PCOS?????????

    :evil: I have just found out that the cause of all my problems is most likely PCOS. According to my gyno I have more than enough of the symptoms & have been sent off for a series of tests.
    It seems to me that somebody up above is trying to tell me something.... Why didn't he do this before I paid $6000 to have the reversal done? :mad:
    No wonder i have been having shocking mood swings & driving hubby mad too. Another huge hurdle to overcome, But this will not get me down.
    Dr said there is clomiphine to try yet
    So now i go search pcos & clomiphine

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    hey storm,
    sorry to hear your having a bad time, thast s shame that they tell you know after youve spent so much money aswell

    good luck with the information you find, few of the girls on here have pcos aswell so they may be able to offer support aswell

    take care

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    Hey Storm,

    There are a few girls on the boards who suffer from PCOS - you might like to stick your head into that forum and ask a few questions there as I'm sure they would be more than happy to help you in whatever way they can. I'm assuming that the drug you mention is the clinical name for Clomid - if it is, there are quite a few girls who have also tried this, so I hope one of them can help you out!

    Good luck.

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