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    Hi I have a friends who has been diagnosed with PCOS. I just want to know, her GP has referred her to an endocologist (sp?). Do you think she is better seeing the endocologist or the gyno? If anybody could help me out that would be great as we would like to get this sorted as she has been to her GP and she charges her $100 each visit and is doing nothing about it which in turn with this and other stuff is suffering from depression. Thanks for you help.

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    It depends what your friends goals are. But I would recommend the endocrinologist from my own experience. My gyno who diaggnosed me told me to go home and lose some weight and I would be fine :evil:

    The endocrinologist actually treated me and put me onto metformin. I was not seeing him with the goal of TTC, but the metformin helped me lose 13 kg and I fell pregnant on our second try

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    thanks for that. Her GP has given her a referral to an endocronologist which she has to make an appt for. I have endo so wasnt tooo sure on the PCOS and who to see. She is being steered in the right direction then which is good. i also got her onto the PCOS association of australia so can read through their website. thanks for your help.

    Have a good day

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    I am a member of that association. She will get some great info from them

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