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    sara_bug Guest

    Default PCOS?

    Hi there!

    I personally believe I might have PCOS. I have got follicles on my ovaries, however when I had my last scan they were "not fitting" the full description of PCOS follicles - apparently they are not big enough, although there are multiple follicles on each ovary.

    Also, I have gained a bit of weight quite quickly, have bad skin, don't ovulate (Or I haven't since May 2007 - over a year) and am very moody & can get depressed/angry very quickly. However, when I was sent for blood tests for PCOS, all my hormones came back fine.

    So, is it possible to have PCOS without having the hormonal abnormalities? Does it sound like I might have it?



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    bj28 Guest


    You sound exactly like I do and that is what they say I have. Mine was masked by the pill for many years. I had a couple of blood tests over a couple of months and the results were all over the place.

    Luckily my GP (Great guy) referred me straight away to a FS/GYN. He did a scan and said my GP was right. My skin is the worst part but my weight has increased by 8 Kg in the past 9 months. It makes it a little easier knowing that there is a reason.

    I would maybe go back and see the doctor.


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    sara_bug Guest


    That sounds like the best idea I guess. The Gyn I saw last time actually used the phrase "freak of nature" and told me to wait it out. I have since spoken to a friend who went to her aswell, and she won't be going back either. The only confusing thing is that the results all came back perfectly normal...

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    sara, you can have polycystic appearing ovaries, without the actual syndrome. it's possible they might stop you from ovulating regularly

    get a referal and get someone with a better attitude to give you a full work up! nothing can be deemed hormonally "normal" if they can't say what cycle day you're on - how can CD 380 have normal hormone readings??

    good luck


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    there are apparently two types - polycystic ovaries, which may or may not be accompanied by the range of symptoms, and polycysic ovarian syndrome, which is the full-blown thing. i have the multiple cysts, the facial hair, and tendency to weight gain if i don't stick to a high-protein/low carb/no sugar diet, but i can still conceive. ATM i have a 44mm cyst on my left ovary and am 10kg overweight from a m/c in February, but still i'm preggers till the BT this afternoon tells me otherwise. i got a on the 26/6 but i don't think this is a sticky one either.

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    alana8819 Guest


    i have pcos but no cysts on the ovaries my hormone levels are crazy though and i dont ovulate, you can have poly cystic ovaries but not pcos if that makes sense. i have gained weight recently very quickly i think i have facial hair but dp disagrees (good thing i guess) get break outs a lot i am on clomid which hasnt worked so far, my advice find a new gyno you need one that will listen and take action not one that will just fob you off good luck

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    I would go and get a full check again of your bloods, I had the exact same thing happen to me, in the end they did a laproscopy as one dr said pcos from my bllods, but when i had them done by a gyno he said no, in the end i do have pcos, last yr i went to a better gyno i had another set of bloods done at ccertain times of the month and bingo PCOS, I have had this now for 12 years

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