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Thread: PCOS after birth and breastfeeding

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    I am new to this forum. Was diagnosed with PCOS in 1994.

    Thinking of getting on the TTC wagon again for the third time (ugh!!!).

    (Have had 1 confirmed m/c @ 11 weeks, and now have 1 DS, concieved naturally 12 months after m/c after being told that I was very unlikely to ever concieve again!!)

    I am almost 13 months postpartum but still no sign of AF. I am still breastfeeding but this is signficantly reduced down to only 2 feeds per day.

    The hirsutism and acne are getting worse!! It is driving my nuts!!

    Does anyone know whether PCOS gets worse or better after giving birth and breastfeeding? Can I still expect the irregular and infrequent cycles to be a part of my TTC path again?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hiya Ticklish, I have PCOS and had three rounds of fertility treatment to conceive after trying naturally for about 12 months. I've been exclusively bfeeding and AF returned yesterday (I think due to Caty getting sick and having a reduced appetite?)....from what I've read/heard, PCOS can actually disappear after giving birth, that your body can return to normal sometimes...not sure what the stats are though. Have you thought about seeing an ob/gyn for ttc?

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    Hi chocolatecatty,

    Thanks for that. Your AF sure came back quick!! I am thinking of seeing someone to see what is going on, to make sure that it is the breastfeeding (even now it is very little) not the PCOS that is stopping the AF.

    My current OB did advise me that I might not get any AF until I completely stop breastfeeding. He also wanted me to start Clomid as soon as I wanted to TTC, but I am not keen to do this just yet!! I want to know what is going on first because I have managed without it before and that's why I am interested in finding out what happens to PCOS post-baby. Are there any good sources of info on this?

    I am interested in seeing a FS who will cycle track for a little while while i consider what to do.

    Plus I also need to lose the baby fat as that it is probably another reason why the AF won't come back as I have NEVER EVER EVER had AF when I am this heavy!! And again probably explains the acne and hirsutism coming back with avengence!! Isn't PCOS cruel!

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    Unfortunately for me I had the opposite. My PCOS got worse after birth and it took us 2 yrs to successfully conceive our son Seth. But I have also known of people who like CC said have practically had their PCOS clear up.



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    Thanks Cailin, again a reminder that we are all individuals!!

    Guess what!! AF arrived this morning. She's a bit scanty and light so probably just a withdrawal bleed, so I'll see where we go from here.

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