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Thread: PCOS and Miscarriage

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    Can having PCOS give you a higher risk of miscarriages? I think i'm just trying to find answers as to why i've had 3 m/c's. I do have a doctors appt this Wednesday but just looking for maybe some answers. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2003. Although i am sure it is very mild as i don't seem to have trouble getting pregnant, just keeping them... Oh and also when i had my 12 week u/s with Charlie they said i had fluid in the pouch of douglas, no idea what that means. Anyone know?

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    Yes, Tegan. Having PCOS unfortunately does increase your chance of miscarriage. I'm not entirely sure on the numbers, though.

    The reason is apparently due to a substance called glycodelin. It's released in the uterus and suppresses the immune system so that your body does not reject the embryo. Women with PCOS do not make enough glycodelin.

    There is hope, though. The usual treatment for PCOS in women who are TTC is metformin. Metformin decreases insulin resistance (the root cause of PCOS) which aids in weight loss, and also promotes the formation of glycodelin, thus reducing the chance of miscarriage.

    The use of metformin in treating PCOS is relatively new, so not all GPs will know about it. You may need to get a referral to a gynecologist/reproductive endocrinologist in order to find someone who is knowledgable and up to date enough to know about metformin.

    I hope this helps, Tegan. Good luck finding answers.


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    i found out that i had pcos in 1999 and it took me 3 yrs to get my dd, but in those 3 yrs i did fall pregnant twice, my first pregnancy was twins and i miscarried them, then my second was a singleton and miscarried that one too my doctor had told me having pcos was making me a greater risk of miscarrying.

    good luck hopefully you will get some answers soon

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    Sadly, yes it does As you can see I've lost 4 precious babies, the last 3 put down to PCOS and my weight gain (self inflicted comfort eating after failed IVF cycles unfortunately). Because I have 1 living child, they aren't testing for other reasons for my losses.

    Am on a mission until January next year to lose as much weight as possible, follow a Low GI diet and get control of it before having my last embryo transferred.

    Metformin is still a debatable treatment option, particulary while ttc. I have a few friends whose FS prescribed it to help prevent the risk of miscarriage, my FS refuses to give it to me for fear of harming the embryo should I fall pregnant - depends who you talk to and which study they have read, I think! Baby aspirin is becoming another popular option, but again, depends on your dr as to whether they agree with it.

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