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    jess_tassie Guest

    Default PCOS sufferer

    Hi Ladies

    I was just wandering if those of you that have PCOS would be able to share your stories triumps and tradgies with me i am quite clueless in what to expect. #-o

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    Sal Guest


    Hi Jess,

    OK here is my story: I always have had irregular cycles (ranging 26-45 days) ever since my first period. I never knew that that was abnormal, as I read 'the average cycle length is 28-35 days' and well when I take an average it is within those bounds. So. I never knew anything was wrong. I have oily skin and acne (and at age 34 it gets depressing, let me tell you) but again I just thought it was hereditary.

    I have ALWAYS been clucky so couldn't wait to come off the pill (which I'd been on for 10 years - masking my irregular cycles so I had forgotten about them). As soon as I came off the pill, my cycles were all over the place. I quickly gathered something was wrong and tried to get my doc interested - but I was living in London at the time and the doc there just told me to go away until I had been trying for over a year. As soon as I came back to Oz I made an appt with an GYN who did a CD3 BT and told me I had PCOS based on the result (my FSH:LH ratio was 5:28 and LH shouldn't be greater than FSH at all). No ultrasound or anything else.

    Was put on clomid for 4 months. Nothing. I sought a second opinion and saw a fertility clinic where the RE did a u/s of my ovaries plus a swag of BTs and confirmed PCOS. I then had a lap, where I had ovarian drilling (small holes are burned into the ovaries - it is not known why but when the ovaries are injured they can sometimes work properly, in the short term at least). I was also found to have moderate endo which was removed. I was then told to go away and TTC.

    I sought a third opinion after this, and this time went and saw one of the top REs in Sydney, attached to Sydney IVF clinic. He disagreed with all my treatment so far (including the drilling) and said I was a candidate for IVF. So I did a full IVF cycle and then a frozen embryo transfer (a 'left over' from the full cycle) cycle. No good. I needed a bit of time to save the money, so asked the RE to prescribe me clomid and Metformin (a diabetic drug that can help some PCOS women ovulate properly, on the grounds that many women with PCOS have insulin resistance which stops the ovaries working properly). He agreed to it, but didn't think it would work for me (as most of the studies have been done on very obese women).

    Well I did two cycles of clomid and Metformin, no luck. One of the side-effects of clomid can be depression, and it really affects me, so I decided to stop clomid and just remain on Metformin. I was gearing up to do my third IVF cycle, so did a drastic exercise and diet regime to get me in shape. Imagine my utter surprise when I fell pg during that month?!?!?!

    OK, I've blabbed on enough. Hope that gives you a little insight into PCOS - both how frustrating it can be but also how it is unpredictable, many women fall pg when they think they can't (or have even been told that).

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    Pietta Guest


    My quick version-

    Was told i would conceive- spoke to a new doc who said take metformin and lets check your levels and see if you can conceive. I wasnt ready for kids but was told that i should try now so i can go on IVF in 2 years time. Well we fell preg FIRST time!! and i owe it all to an understanding doc who gave me metformin.

    Thats the qucik version

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    alison Guest


    hi Guys

    I have had PCO since 16,now 34.
    Have been ttc for 6yrs and I've had 8 M/C's and no preg.
    I have fallen on clomid and metformin and still M/C'd
    Very upsetting !
    I am insulin resistant too just to top it all off
    I am still on the metformin..1 yr now.
    I am only 10kg over weight and this gain is thanks to Clomid!
    Was 55kg when I started ttc
    So thats my depressing story with my PCO so far
    Looking forward to a brighter day when I will hold a child or two
    Have a nice week

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    Ellibam Guest


    Although i am not a sufferer of pcos. i know the affects of it.
    my mum has pcos,is on metformin (spelling?) and very low carb diet. although she isnt ttc (im22) it is something my sister and i were both aware of.
    about 2 years ago my older sister was also diagnosed with it, she isnt ttc at the moment either but is aware of what can happen. her treatment isnt as Full on as my mums, Both are very over weight although mum has lost a lot since being on the "atkins" diet, my sister has not tried to lose any.

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    Hi Jess,

    My story is relatively simple. Always had irregular periods. Longest I ever went previously without a period was only 2 months. Last few years, cycle regulated itself beautifully, thus I've never been on the pill, as I didn't want to muck around with my hormones just as they were righting themselves. Also over the last few years, I've gone from being underweight, to reaching my ideal weight for my height (which the doc said could have triggered the lack of AF) As soon as we made the decision that we would TTC, period disappeared. After 10 months, saw specialist who diagnosed me with PCOS in April (I had always suspected it, coz it was hinted at years ago too). Anyway... started on Metformin, with a view to starting Clomid after 6 weeks. Had a bleed, and decided to stick just with Metformin to see if a cycle had been re-established, and 2nd cycle.. I have my BFP!

    Very exciting. I have always been prepared for not conceiving quickly, because my mum struggled with conceiving and miscarriages (specialist said sounds like she could have had PCOS too.. as well as something else to do with the miscarriages.. coz each of her pregnancies got longer... last one she lost was 5 months.. and then my bro was premmie and survived, and then I was right on time )

    Anyway.. my PCOS prob seemed to be resolved quite simply.. so I hope yours is too Jess!

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