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    Default PCOS Symptoms

    Hi all

    Just wondering if those of you diagnosed with PCOS had any symtoms?

    Im about a size 12 so i wouldnt consider myself overweight. My cycles are about 35 days when a year ago they were 28 days. My periods last 5 days with the first day being heavy and i do have cramps on the first day as well.
    On top of that we have been TTC for 12 mths with no luck.

    I have just been reading up on PCOS and have started to scare myself already.

    Can anyone help me?????????

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hi Sammy

    I was diagnosed well over 2 years ago now and the only symptoms I have are-AF was getting really erratic even when on the pill, sometimes I wouldn't get her at all, but while TTC they got worse and a went 3 months without a period just before going on clomid.-I also am not overweight but have noticed over the last couple of years that I can't seem to shift weight from my tummy.-I don't ovulate at all-I don't have acne or anything or facial hair-I was TTC for over 12 months with no luck(obviously if I wasn't ovulating!)

    Apparently I only have it quite mildly to what it can be.I'm grateful for that!I was quite shocked when I was diagnosed, but I guess it made sense as to why my periods had been so erratic.My sister has a similar problem(probably really early stages PCOS) that has been diagnosed as unexplained fertility but with similar symptoms.

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    Pietta Guest


    Hi Sammy well I am almost an expert on PCOS!!

    My symptoms are quite severe- i have excess facial hair- bad acne- not able to shift ANY weight- my periods would be three to four times a year and would be soooo very painful.

    I went on metformin and fell preg with DS straight away!!

    Hope this helps?

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    Hi Sammy,

    I was diagnosed after a MC in May, my cycles were all over the place after it. So Dr sugessted PCOS...I am also over weight and have always struggled to lose it.

    I am a bit hairy too.... have to be on top of that!!!!

    Your symptoms dont sound like PCOS... I am not sure on the symptoms of PCO though...

    Talk to your GP aout tests... 12 months TTC, with regular cycles is a good time to start looking into it..

    Good luck

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    The only symptom i had before having DD was, irregualr cycles between 14 and 49 days long. I was a size 12 aswell so wasnt overweight. But i conceived DD 7mths after being diagnosed! Since having DD my cycles have been between 27 and 32 days long...

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    I actually had pretty regular cycles, but just before diagnosis they had become a lot more irregular, as well as longer and heavier. :evil:
    I also gained a lot of weight even though in general I ate well. I got a bit of hair where I didn't want it growing, but that's about it.

    It's probably why it took me 33 years to work out I had it :roll:

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