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Thread: PCOS and ttc after a m/c - help!

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    Nessa Guest

    Default PCOS and ttc after a m/c - help!

    Hi everyone Im Nessa - Im new today.

    I really feel like I need some help/support. I have three beautiful little boys ( all conceived on 1000mg a day of Metformin). I was still breastfeeding my youngest when I fell pregnant. A bit of a miracle as I don't cycle normally let alone when I'm breastfeeding !!
    Sadly we lost our little one three weeks ago at 10 weeks, I had a D & C the same day and bled for about 6/7 days. My ob said I was fine to start ttc straight away, and to take my m/c as the start of a cycle. Ive started on the metformin again and hoping to fall pregnant asap.
    However I have no idea if my cycle has started , does anyone have any experence with ttc straight after a m/c. And does a new cycle begin after a m/c.????

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    Melinda Guest


    Hi Nessa,

    Welcome to BB. I'm really sorry to hear about your recent loss.

    Unfortunately I can't help you with regard to PCOS, but as for TTC following a m/c, I've been there!

    I have had 2 m/c's - the first being a missed m/c and required a D&C, the second being a natural m/c. My natural m/c immediately followed my first m/c as I fell PG again right afterwards (I didn't have a period in between).

    I took 1 cycle off TTC after my 2nd m/c, and AF arrived exactly 5w later. We TTC the next cycle, and fell PG again (resulting in my now 13 month old son!).

    Sometimes your cycle can be a little bit wonky after a m/c, in that it can be a bit irregular, or it can take as much as 4 - 8w to return. It can certainly be very frustrating when you are really eager to TTC again. For others however, their cycles return to normally immediately. Unfortunately there's no definite answers as to what will happen - it's all a very individual thing.

    Are you going back onto Metformin now?

    Feel free to come and join the [url=]Trying to Conceive After Miscarriage & Loss Monthly thread[/url] - you'll receive lots of advice and support there.

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    welcome to bellybelly and i am so sorry to hear of your loss...

    i too have PCOS - and have been on met before - though not currently with TTC. i am on clomid - first cycle was a BFP only to m/c very early on... my cycle personally didn't kick in after the m/c and eight weeks later we induce a bleed with a progesterone course - second round of clomid failed too... so we have now upped the dosgae and AF is due tomorrow or sunday and i am hoping beyond all hope that she doesn't arrive...

    Good luck to you - and as mel mentioned above please do come and join us in the TTC AML thread...,

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    Nessa Guest


    Hi Melinda and AJ,

    Thankyou for your kind words, it really helps that Im not going through this alone. I started on the metformin three days after my m/c, and hoping and praying that it will sort out my cycle this month, and maybe fall pregnant (hoping).
    AJ, I dont know if this will be helpful, but when were ttc our second little fella ( it took 12 mths). My 1st ob put me on clomid alone, and kept upping my dose each month until I was on 200mg a day ( horrible side effects and no pregnancy). So I went to see another ob who was really clued up re: PCOS he put me back down to 100mg of clomid and 1000mg of metformin a day, and I was pregnant 3 weeks later!!! He told me that for some women with PCOS metformin makes clomid much more effective, he also had me continue taking metformin for the 1st 12 weeks of my pregnancy, as apparently recent research shows that it can significantly reduce the rate of miscarriage for women with PCOS.
    Wishing you lots of love & luck with ttc this month. Let me know how it goes

    Thanks again Nessa.

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    Hi Nessa,

    We meet again I too have been told by my specialist I have possible PCOS.. however my ovaries look normal 8-[ :smt102 Which is why im not going to take metformin......I also take 50mg of Clomid...

    I will email you tomorrow.

    I hopeyou have an ok night and you are feeling a little better today.


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