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Thread: PCOS, TTC, and when to use clomid

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    Default PCOS, TTC, and when to use clomid

    Hi my husband and I have been TTC for 6 months now.
    Found out I had PCOS about 9 months ago, went on the pill for 3 months, then took myself off it to try and conceive.
    If i haven't conceived by June 08 I was going to go and see my gyno about getting various tests done.
    However, do you think it would be worthwhile starting something like Clomid before then?

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    Hi Bec,
    It really depends on your age as to how a fs will treat you. Some are consercative. Some may want to run a barrage of tests. 6 months is a fair amount of time. Not only that clomid dosent work for everyone. so if you are ready now, then i'd be booking in to see someone now. Sometimes you have an 8 week wait anyway,especially this time of year as clinics close.

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    TTC with PCOS can be tricky. I personally went and had all of the test done because I needed to know what we were dealing with and how we were going to approach it. I'm so glad I did because the state of my ovaries it was going to be an extremely small chance of us conceiving without a gentle helping hand. Plus I'm not 'old' but in fertility years I am as the OB put it getting a bit long in the tooth so if I wanted more than one baby I should really get a move on.
    So you need to consider how old am I, how many kids do we want so do we have the time to let nature takes its course and how you feel about letting nature takes its course. It couldn't hurt to go and get the tests done so you have more information to make your decision.
    Does any of that make sense???

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    Thanks - yes you have made a lot of sense.
    i think once christmas is over with my husband and i might go and see my gyno, who is also an obstetrician and fertility specialist.... ill see what she recommends.
    my husband has been wanting to get tests done since the beginning, just so we know what we are facing... i think i've been too scared.
    i'm 27, turning 28 in 6 months... we would ultimately like around 2 or 3 kids... so i really should get a move on.
    i always wanted at least one kid by the time i was 30...
    My sister has PCOS and it took her years to fall pregnant and used fertility drugs to help her with her first.....

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