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Thread: PCOS, weight loss and a good dietitian in my area.

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    Default PCOS, weight loss and a good dietitian in my area.

    Hi again,

    Well I had my first FS appointment today and its left me a little disappointed. Some background info, about 3 yrs ago i lost 15kg at WW. I maintained that weight loss until going off the pill in may last yr. Since then I've put back on 10kg while going to the gym 3 times a week and not making any changed in my diet. Until my u/s last week which the guy said "oh it looks like you have PCOS" and then me reading up on it did i not realise my weight gain could be due to PCOS.

    So I go to the FS today full of hope that i could have a solution to my TTC struggles and my weight gain. So she orders more blood tests done, which i'm fine with, i understand this has to be done before diagnosing me with PCOS and maybe proscribing me any drugs. But then she goes on to say that I have to go see a dietitian and try for a month to lose weight. I know its only a month, but i exercise and eat right already (which she knew from doing my personal history at the start of the consult) and i keep putting on weight. So I really think i'm just upset that my weight is an issue in all this. I work hard at trying to lose weight and i'm always trying to eat the right thing. I'm frustrated and i can't see a solution in this. OK sorry for rambling. but i'm just so confused by this.

    So basically i need to find a good dietitian in my area, norther suburbs. Does anyone know any?

    Has anyone else had a similar experience? Has a dietitian helped? Do you think i can lose the weight and conceive naturally?

    Sorry for the ramble. My feeling are just all over the place with this. I hate that my weight is an issue in this!

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    Bron, more big hugs for you

    Like you, I found my weight increased significantly when I stopped taking the pill... And I was never really successful in losing any of that weight until I combined metformin with a low carb and low GI (also high protein and ridiculously low fat) and my half-hearted attempts at exercising. I also found that as well as the weight loss, I felt better and healthier (and more energy!) than I have in many years. I guess that just confirms for me that I'm eating right.

    Did your FS mention metformin? Did they order a glucose tolerance test?

    I'm afraid I can't help with finding a dietician, but I can help by passing on the information from my FS if you would like it.


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    Oh I just saw your post. I see Terrill Bruere who works in Northcote and in the city and does some work with MIVF and the Royal Womens Hospital. She is lovely and very down to earth, also very realistic. She has heaps of experience with PCOS and I think does some work with the Big Girls Group at RWH. If you google her you will find her details really easily otherwise PM me and I will have a look around and see if I can find her card somewhere.

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