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    Question Polycystic Ovaries

    Hi Girls,
    Have a few questions but background first. We have been TTC well a year next February although this is my 9th cycle at the moment. DH has been tested and his are all fine apparently. Ive just had an internal, swab, and pap smear and all is good Ive had my bloods taken and doing a major full run down - seeing if Ive Oed, plus aything else that could be affecting me/us in TTC. Will have the results next week on that.
    I also have a internal ultrasound booked in for next week. On the clinical details it has written "?polycystic ovaries" and "primary infertility" on the request form. Nervous enough about the appointment as I have to go alone.

    I guess im thinking about all the what ifs, if they tell me I have PCO, what will happen next for me? what will be the next step?

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    Summer, it's not quite as scary as it sometimes sounds!

    If your blood test results and scan indicate PCOS usually with elevated testosterone, (although mine initially wasn't, but is now) and numerous small cysts on the ovaries, the next step will usually be metformin (PCOS is caused by insulin resistance which messes up the hormone levels, metformin is usually used to treat type II diabetes as it makes the body more sensitive to insulin). However, not many GPs know about using metformin to treat PCOS, so they may simpky refer you to a specialist. Having been there myself, don't go to a straight gynecologist, a reproductive endocrinologist is a better idea, although some gyns are better than others. Often with PCOS, metformin is enough, but sometimes clomid is necessary to get ovulation happening properly... and some freakish cases like me don't respond to clomid so other, more drastic things are needed.

    The RE will probably get you to do a glucose tolerance test, which isn't entirely pleasant, but it's better to know about these things sooner rather than later, as sometimes PCOS which appears to not so bad turns out to be much worse than first thought.

    Even though you are probably familiar with my story, others may have a completely different experience with PCOS diagnosis to me... I've never tended to do things the *normal* way.


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    Firstly Summer.. don't stress ... Polycystic ovaries or PCOS is a very very common cause of subfertility.

    If you are diagnosed with PCOS, your internal u/s will show many tiny cysts on your ovaries. Your gynie will possibly prescribe you a drug called clomephene (clomid) which will help you ovulate. It isn't expensive and from memory i think a months supply is something like 26 dollars He may even get you to take another drug called Metforman with it, to help increase the quality of your eggs.. I know so many people, who have been on the clomid for PCOS and have had a very succesful outcome, many on this website too... (Belle who now has baby Julia)

    I myself have very very mild PCOS, and was prescribed clomid, however, I had
    undiagnosed endometriosis level 5, so of course the clomid never worked...I have sinced had my endo removed but we arn't TTC at the moment. However there is a possibility that i might need clomid again...

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