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Thread: Pregnancy on Clomid

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    Lexie Guest

    Default Pregnancy on Clomid

    Hey Girls,

    Just wanting to know how many cycles on clomid it took to fall prgnant. I am having "one of those days" and some success stories would really help at the moment.
    I have just had my 3rd cycle cancelled (was on 50mg) cause I didn't respond this time and have upped my dose now to 100mg so hopefully that will do the trick. I did O on the first cycle and very late on the second cycle but not this one.
    Just feeling a little frustrated at the moment ](*,) - Cheers guys......

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    Sal Guest


    Hi Lexie, I wonder if you read the news article I posted? About Metformin? Good luck with 100mg this cycle, I hope it works for you.

    I'm sure you're aware of the statistics on clomid (i.e. it won't get 40-50% of women pregnant), I don't mean to scare you, I hope you're in the % of women who it does work for.

    Metformin might be something for you to consider trying, whether instead of clomid or in conjunction with.

    Good luck

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hi Lexie

    It took me two cycles of 50 mg clomid to fall pregnant.My sister was also on clomid and it took her just one cycle of 50mg to get pregnant.Don't be discourged, there are heaps of people her on BB that Clomid has worked for.

    Goodluck and keep that chin up.............................

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    i fell pg first cycle - too - good luck!!!

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    I fell pregnant first cycle on 50mg of Clomid too but m/c at 6 weeks. im now taking Met and also Clomid waiting to see if it happens and I hope for a successfuly pregnancy this time.

    Best wishes to you. I would definately try Met. Met has more side effects for me, but once your body gets used to Met you feel great.


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