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Thread: Query re periods

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    Default Query re periods

    When my periods came back following the birth of my first (and only) baby, they came back a bit more painful than they had been in the past. Also, lately I have been having spotting for around a week before my actual period. Anyone have any ideas or is this nothing to be concerned about?

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    Hey Berry,

    I haven't had any children yet, but after my first pg and sunbsequant miscarriage, I've noticed that my periods are much more painful - especially about 12 hours right before it starts. It's like a burning sensation in my abdomen. I never had any pains associated with AF prior, so I dunno either.


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    mine were about the same. I have never had much period pain since being diagnosed with Endometriosis and having it treated via a lapraoscopy

    Love :hbeat:

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