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    hi i was just wondering why it is so hard to get preggers while having PCOS is it because it is hard to know when ovulatating or is it something else?? 8-)

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    I think the problem is the cycle of hormones being out of balance, which in turn doesn't let the egg mature fully, which in turn creates a cyst on the ovaries. So the fertility problem is not having mature eggs to fertilise. Of course there would be the odd one that does mature properly, as many people have fallen pregnant with PCOS.

    I was put on Metformin to treat insulin resistance (often a starting point of where things get out of whack) which helped get my hormones back in line. It seems mine wasn't too severe, as I didnt' really have any other obvious symptoms of the syndrome such as being overweight or having extra hair or anything and it was quite easily remedied with Metformin.

    Good luck with everything

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    The "cysts" on the ovaries of women with PCOS are actually follicles that did not mature. So that's why it's difficult to conceive, because you may not be ovulating.

    Also, there is an increased risk of miscarriage for women with PCOS I guess because our hormones are just all over the place

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