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    Question about Clomid

    I have PCOS and have not conceived on Metformin after two cycles, so my gyno has prescribed Clomid (after a course of Provera to bring on AF). I'm supposed to take the Clomid on Days 2 to 6, and he has said to abstain from DTD on Day 10, then start regular DTD from Day 12.

    I've never heard of abstaining for a particualr day before, and I forgot to ask why. Can anyone shed any light? I'd rather just DTD every 2 days after AF finishes.

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    It's probably a matter of abstaining from sex to allow the sperm to build up to some extent. However, we've been told by a specialist semenologist that we should never go more than four days without sex because after a period of time, the stored sperm lose quality.

    If you have no male factor problems, it's probably ok to go with whatever you feel most comfortable with. If it's really stressing you, perhaps you can call your doctor and ask a few more questions?


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    BW advice on ringing and asking for more information is great because I've never heard of not DTD on a certain day either. When in doubt, ask is my policy.

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    I've never heard of that either, I'd go with what you are comfortable with.

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