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Thread: A question regarding Endo/PCOS and TTC

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    Question A question regarding Endo/PCOS and TTC


    I have been ttc for 6mths now with no luck. I completely understand it can take up to 12mths for a healthy, fertile young couple to conceive so I know it's still early stages for me (even tho it doesnt feel that way). Been seeing an Acupuncturist/Kinesiologist who is GREAT and she has been helping me to be as healthy as possible to be able to conceive. She has said my hormones seem regular and my cycle is 30 days regular aswell, no bad AF pains when AF hits, just usual pains of AF. I had my right fallopian tube a bit blocked recently from a yeast infection (of all things?) but it's now cleared through a yeast-free diet and other natural supplements.

    My question is how do I know if I have Endo or PCOS? Is it possible for me to get tested NOW for these things rather than wait 6 more months to see a Dr if I haven't been lucky enough to conceive in that time? it's just that 12 months ttc is a long time to wait before seeing a Dr....

    I don't think anything is wrong but i just would like to know is it possible for a Dr to run some blood tests to see if I have PCOS or Endo? Or do women just know when they have it??


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    unfortunately, it's a game of chance in a lot of ways, and the doctors don't like to intervene until there is significant evidence that something is wrong - or a prolonged period of time has elapsed to suggest something less obvious is going amiss in there nothing you've mentioned rings any alarm bells for me ren. with endo, from what i understand, there is usually additional pain with af - not always, but usually - investigation is usually an invasive lap which i doubt any gyno would do based on nothing symptomatic...

    with pcos, investigation is usually hormone screening and maybe a pelvic ultrasound - but again, when it seems like there is a problem - very few doctors will investigate so relatively early without evidence that something is going on. regular cycles, ok hormone levels, temping showing evidence of ovulation occuring - all would lead me to think there isn't evidence of something amiss there. for me, i was able to get investigation immediately on asking as i'd had 2 m/c's in the previous 10 months, AF had gone AWOL - and i have a lot of the outwardly obvious PCOS symptoms. i'd also had previous hormone screening when i was ill with something else, and the results were suggestive of PCOS at the time - it was just never diagnosed.

    having said that, you've had one chemical pg - if another were to occur (which i hope doesn't), you can push for additional investigation of recurrent m/c.

    hoping you get your BFP soon


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    Thanks BG for your post. I'll just wait this out.... and if no luck in 6 more months time I will get tests done.

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    Hiya Renstar,

    Just a quick note to let you know that blood tests will not diagnose Endo nor will scans. The only way to confirm it or rule it out is laproscopic surgery (key hole surgery).
    Even if you go down that road you will have to have recovery time after the surgery wether or not they discovour anything. You haven't been trying too long so I'd suggest you keep at it as you don't seem to have any Endo symptoms.
    But this is just my opinion, take care and good luck.

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    Thanks Missya. I'll just keep ttc and keep all the time.... as i'd much rather not go down that path if it's not necessary and like you said, you have recovery periods and after all that and nothing they could find that would be very annoying.

    Noone in my family has history of endo or pcos and most family members that I know of have conceived within few months and not had problems so hopefully it's just taking me a bit longer than them and nothing more worrying.

    My Acupuncturist said that it's a good idea to get my husband checked out in a couple of months if no luck still, as she can help look at his hormones (not that he'd have many!! as opposed to me!) and other things with his general health... it's a good idea.

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    Hopefully you don't have to go down that road Ren
    My mum has Endo, so that worries me a bit as we've been TTC for about 8 months now. But she had 4 children before she even found out she had it, so that's good.

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    Sara yeah try not to worry just because your Mum had it doesn't mean you have it anyway.... and like you said, she still had 4 healthy babies and lots of women with endo and/or pcos go on to have healthy babies and some with no trouble at all....

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    A blood test can determine if you have PCOS or not and there are usally symptoms associated as well but these are many and you might have some, all or none. Excess weight, a lack of or irregular periods, excess hair growth and insulin resistance are just a few. Check with Doc if your not sure he or she can order a blood test you don't need to see a specialist for that. A scan is a sure way of telling if you have PCOS or not but can be a bit more costly.

    I have PCOS and was diagnosed 10 years ago via blood test and scan. DH and i spent 4 years ttc before going onto Clomid to conceive. We landed bub after our 3rd and final cycle before IVF so we are very blessed we did not have to go that far for our miracle.

    Note though that stress can play a big part in preventing pregnancy. The more you want it the harder it can be so be sure to practice relaxation techniques and nurture your relationship with your partner.

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    Hi Renstar....just came across this thread...

    The only way endo can be diagnosed is through a laparoscopy (as a PP mentioned).

    When I was diagnosed, I wasn't TTC at the time, just fed up with my crappy periods. The diagnosis was severe endo and both tubes blocked and that I would need IVF for a pregnancy! That was a shock.

    But now 3 years later, I am 30 weeks pregnant after falling naturally. That was a nicer shock

    But yeah, try not too worry about endo/pcos too much. I guess I am trying to say is that good things will happen. If you are really concerned there might be something wrong you could always tell your GP that you've been TTC for 12 months and want a referral to a gynae....

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