Good news first - My consultant appt moved up, so instead of end of jan, I saw him a week ago. I am on the waiting list in the urgent category so it could be anytime from now up to 90days. Those who dont know, I have a uterine polyp (its not the first time or even the 3rd) that has to be removed via d&c.

Now I have to have surgery anyways so the gynae decided instead of giving me metaformin (he was concerned bc I have had adverse reactions before from several medications), he is going to burn the cysts off my ovaries. He told me that the cysts could come back but the surgery should work and I will start ovulating properly with reg cycles etc. I initially thought oh wow thats great, I will be totally fixed without needing fertility drugs. I was on cloud 9 and it is so silly of me to not even ask him about risks of damaging both of my ovaries doing this.

My close friend brought it up, asking me if there is a high chance of losing fertility altogether and now my partner is freaking out about it as well. I am trying to calm him, telling him they do it all the time and the gynae wouldnt have suggested this if there was a risk of me losing my ovaries and eggs etc. Now I am calming him and 2 of my friends about the surgery meanwhile I am totally freaking out now inside about it. Has anyone ever had this done before? Have you heard of this being done before? Any advice or tips could you share?