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Thread: Really need a diagnosis! Could this be endometriosis?

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    Default Really need a diagnosis! Could this be endometriosis?

    Hi Ladies,

    I thought I'd have a quick look in this forum to see if anyone had or is experiencing the same thing.
    I am 24. I got pregnant by accident when I was 21 and prior to that I had had light unpainful periods.
    Delivered our baby boy by CS, and since then my periods have been heavy and excrutiatingly painful. I explained it to my DF this morning as though someone is cutting back through my CS scar. Intercourse has also been very painful for me since giving birth.
    I have been back to my OB/GYN (who has since retired) who ordered a variety of blood tests and an US but nothing was detected and I was told that there was pretty much nothing to be done other than get pregnant again, and when we had finished having children - a hysterectomy may be required.
    We started trying for #2 after this (in 2006) and have had trouble ever since.

    My question is, has anyone developed endometriosis after being pregnant? Can it appear at any time in your life? My symptoms appear that there is a possibility I could have endo. I'll be asking my doctor at my appointment next week for a lap to check this out because I just can't live like this anymore

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    Yes, endo can appear at any time.

    I never had any problems with my cycles or conceiving until after DD was born and I was b/feeding and not taking any contraception.

    I developed a large endometrioma (cyst filled with endo basically) on my ovary and then I was in all sorts of trouble.

    I never had any symptoms of endo except sudden onset pain around my ovary and the cyst was detected by u/s when I went to emergency one night with severe abdominal pain. They didn't know it was endo till they did a lap to remove the cyst.

    I didn't have endo anywhere else in my pelvis, it was single site.

    You are doing the right thing asking for a lap, it is really the only way to know for sure.

    Make sure you go to a surgeon who knows what they're doing though! I can't stress how important that is!

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    It can appear anytime in your life, although I believe it's not something that appears just like that. I think it takes time and sneaks up on you. Some women don't have any symptoms at all. I had endo symptoms but did not know they were endo symptoms at the time until I had my lap.

    Definitely ask for a lap as it's the only way they can diagnose endo. I agree with Willow - make sure you find a good endo surgeon!

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