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Thread: a recent diagnosis of PCOS

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    my sister and her partner have been trying to concieve for about 12 months, after a series of tests it was discovered that my sister has PSOC and her partner has a high number of dead sperm and those that are alive have poor motility. They are due to see a specialist but are looking for information.... Does anyone have any suggestions about good websites and other resources (aside from the PSOC association) too access. Maybe support groups in Melbourne.
    Any suggestions would be helpful as this is obviously a difficult time for them.

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    Sorry to hear about your sis and her DH. Can I assume that since they were trying for 12 months before the dx that your sis is still getting periods every month? Just asking because my DH and I were in the same boat at the start of this year - then we found out I have PCOS and he has male factor infertility as well. We didn't think anything much could be wrong because I was still getting periods every month, and of course, it seemed like everything was okay w/ him.

    Anyway, wanted to say that there are some top counsellors at Melbourne IVF and they also run some support meetings every now and then. You can just ring up and book an appointment to see a Melb IVF counsellor - it's free if you see one of their docs, otherwise you will need to pay (or ask for a special deal.... they gave me one!!). They are lovely there!! You can get the phone number from their website - just goggle it and it should come up.

    Information about male factor infertility - do you know about 'Andrology Australia'? Perhaps if you also goggle them for more info. They have some leaflets and a little book about male infertility that they might find helpful (all free as well). I ordered some of their stuff to help support my DH when we found out about him.

    Hope this helps...

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