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    jess_tassie Guest

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    Hi Guys,

    My name is Jess and i am a 20 year old from Tasmania Australia, i have just recently been diagnosed with Polycysitc Ovary Syndrome and am a little confused about the whole concept of the disease, if you are going through the same thing and would like to discuss it with me or give me a bit of feed back on your stories it would really be appreciated. Im sure we are all a bit scared when we are diagoned, and im not sure how to deal with it.

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    Hi Jess

    Welcome to BellyBelly. I can't help you out with PCOS (I have Endometriosis) but there are plenty of girls in here that can.

    I am sure you will get some answers you are searching for.


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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hi Jess

    I was diagnosed with PCOS last year after TTC for over 13 months.I knew something was wrong as my periods were getting further and further apart and blood tests showed I wasn't O'ing at all.My sister had just been diagnosed about 4 months prior and thats what tipped me off.I'm one of the lucky ones though.I don't have any huge cysts as I had ultrasounds done and I didn't have any pain.There are heaps of us here at BB that have PCOS so if you have any specific questions feel free to ask.

    Like you I really had no idea what it meant apart from the fact that I couldn't get pregnant naturally.My case seems to be reasonably mild though compared to some of the other ladies here, but I'll let them tell you their stories.

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