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Thread: recovering from first lap, a different exp

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    Default recovering from first lap, a different exp

    Since booking a date (19/10) for my lap back in July, I have been reading almost every post on the net on lap recovering to try to prepare myself. I've stocked up on pain killers, drinks, magazines etc for the recovery ... Unfortunately due to my job as a restaurant manager/owner I was unable to indulge in any relaxation or time off in leading upto the sugery. I worked right upto 7 pm when I had to go home for my bowel prep and dropped into work on my way to the hospital.
    I went in for the lap at 2 pm and was supposed to go home that night but I didn't recover very well at all from the gen anaesthetic. I was very drowsy and could hardly walk so I decided to stay overnight. During the night I was able to go to the toilet on my own. By the next morning, I was discharged at about 10 am and back at work at about 11:30 am. I was at work Friday and Saturday, two of the busiest nights in restaurants but I was careful not to stretch or do anything physical, mainly paperwork and giving instructions.
    I have experienced absolutely NO PAIN. So I don't know if I am a freak or my surgeon was very good. The only downside about the experience is finding out that my endo was extensive and my surgeon did not remove all the endo from some places in fearing that it might harm our chances of conceiving. Will see him next Friday to remove the stitches and discuss the next steps. Wish me luck!

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    So glad your lap went well!!
    Its all a bit daunting when you read all the side effects that can happen!
    Me on the other hand? Well i was a complete freak, and read every known side effect that could happen to you on the internet!!!! So i had my Lap, which was done to check my follopian tubes etc (die study) and they found moderate endo!! Which i didnt know until i had my next check up. Whereby my gyno also told me that i only have 1 ovary!! freaking... especially since we have been TTC for about 2 yrs!!!! Anyway, now i sound like a drama queen!! sorry! But... my recovery was terrible, i was the only one in the ward still in a bed (in day surgery ward) and had the most horrendous pain ive ever felt!! apparently 1 in 50 peeps get the side effects i had. it lasted about 2 days!!! really wanted to cut my torso out!! (side effects from the gas). However, i know this is a huge horrible saga!!! But the light at the end of the tunnel is this...although i was cursing myself for having the Lap done, it was the best thing i couldve done!! they removed my endo and now we are pregnant naturally!!! although only 7 1/2 weeks. so still pretty cautious!!!!! but honestly having a Lap and having treatment can be the most wonderful thing, even though at the time it may feel like a nightmare!!!
    Ahhhhhhh....sorry for the novel!!!!!!!
    Luv em xoxo

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