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    I have severe endo and am having surgery in late May ( ) For a while now I have been feeling really achy and tired. The only way I can describe is it is how I would imagine arthritis aches to be. The fatigue is constant and to the point where I literally can not keep my eyes open.

    Has/Does anyone whow suffers endo experience any of these symptoms?

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    I had a lap in January and have been experiencing similar symptoms since, Firstly I feel drained when my period hits then on day two and three I ache all over and I am completely exhausted. I feel that rest improves the aches. Maybe we need some iron supplements? Maybe we are doing too much and need to ease up a bit?

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    I have the same symptoms which i have had since day one the fatigue is what really bothers me, because it is so bad especially when close to af.

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    YES! I get arthritis-like pain and I have an endo buddy who gets it too! Surely it must be related somehow!
    Yep, get fatigue too - hate it!! It impacts on everything.

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    Yep, I also feel fatigued in the few days before and especially so once AF arrives. I can hardly keep my eyes open and could sleep all day long.

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    thanks for responding!
    My body aches the majority of the time... I am trying glucosamine capsules which aresupposed to help with bone and joint aches. I sometimes feel as though I could sleep for days and struggele to get through a normal working day withoug my eyes feeling tired and heavy. I workout at the gym and am otherwise quite healthy, but these symmptoms are driving me nuts!

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