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Thread: Return of Endo?

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    Default Return of Endo?

    I've previously had 2 lots of endo removed. The first about 14 years ago, which I didn't know I had, just couldn't conceive. The 2nd lot about 7 years ago. The only reason I thought I may have had it was because of severe PP that no pain killer would fix.

    Now, I have been getting my AF every 21-25 days. Period pain lasting 3-4 days and very, very light bleeding only for about 3 days....used to be about 5 days.

    Do you think I may have endo back? Does endo always seem to come back? I really don't want another laproscopy thingy done as I get so sick.

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    HI Shazza

    There is no actual cure for Endo, so it is quite possible that it could have returned. I'd been speaking to your health care provider.

    Love :smt049

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