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Thread: some Drs are so outdated and criminal

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    Angry some Drs are so outdated and criminal

    This just makes me so mad.... yesterday i was down getting a new mobile phone and just started chatting with the young sales girl, and somehow we got onto the topic of being in hospital. She stated she was going to be a day stay patient next week in our local hospital (say no more - local hospital = death trap) as she had bad endo and was having her 4th lap. She said that if they went in there again and the endo was bad, her gynae was suggesting a hysterectomy... Well you can imagine my face :eek: I nearly fell over... I asked her how she was, 24 years double :eek: and then what level endo she had, level 3 triple :eek:

    I said sweetheart I don't mean to be rude, but those gynaes at that hospital are so far behind and out of date with their endo surgery, you need to get another opinion. She agreed with me as i pleaded with her not to let them do a hysterectomy at her age with only mod endo!!! Is this Dr a nut and asking for a legal case in 5 years time???

    I explained to her that I work in the local hospital and it is nothing short of a circus and the 3 gynos that service the area are all twits. So i got her email address and forwarded her my Drs website in shear desperation that she might get a referal for him at his rooms in Macquarie street, Sydney.

    It is just so sad that this happens and i am sure it happens often, but it makes me soooo mad i feel like ringing her gyno and abusing him.......I hope i have done the right thing and she takes the intiative to see my surgeon!

    Leis xx

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    Leis - good on you - I really hope she listens to your advice I can't imagine why a Dr would sugest a Hysterectomy to a 24 yrs old woman.

    Did you also tell her about BB ...

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    Hey Trish... gosh not long now for you honey. Only seems like yesterday you got that beloved BFP!!!

    I told her that there was alot of support out there on the net for endo sufferers.. she only suffers level 3 which is moderate. I am level 4/5 which is the worse and never ever has my Dr ever considered hysterectomy with me. She was talking about 'when they burn it off' I said 'honey they don't do that any more, they use what they call the iceberg treatment where they cut it out so it doesn't grow back' but her poor simple gyno is still using diathermy to get rid of it..... i am so mad over this

    leis xx

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    Oh gosh! That's dreadful! In the UK the doctors HAVE to show that they're going to talks and conferences in their field to keep up with current thinking, I know that you can't implement something like that in Aus all by yourself, Leis, but could it be suggested to your health minister or something? Doctors who think that nothing has changed for fifty years really need sorting out! They go into the profession to heal people, I'm sure they'd be upset to know they're harming them instead.

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    I hate this sort of thing. My myotherapist was telling me about a girl she treats who was recommended a hysterectomy at the same sort of age. I had a twit of a dr say the same to me when I was 23 and I just said "I don't think so".

    They shouldn't let people who have just general gynea skills do these ops. I can only think of about a handful of gyneas in Melb I would let anywhere near me who I think have the skills to deal with endo and even then there's only the one I truely trust.

    I am sitting here shaking my head still

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