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Thread: Specialist Appts - LONG WAITS!

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    snowflake Guest

    Default Specialist Appts - LONG WAITS!

    Well, I had my appt on Thursday at Jean Haile's and it went well.

    Nothing to worry about girls, pretty much what I had imagined, loads of questions regarding history etc.

    Spec has pretty much confirmed PCOS (with all the symptoms I have) and has referred me onto a specialist connected to Monash Medical who deals with reproductive hormones and is also a fertility specialist. The catch is, the earliest I could get in to see this guru is 11 weeks time! What's a girl to do?! We don't feel like we can wait that long!

    She also advised me not to really bother with charting temps in the mean time until all the bits have been sorted. I thought that was a bit rough seeing she doesn't know for sure whether I have been ovulating or not. I'm not 100% sure, but forever remain hopeful that I may once in a while!

    As discussed in earlier thread, I personally didn't have a physical but am in for a great deal of blood testing before I see new spec. The physical and the whole biz is due at new spec appt.

    Is it assumed that with PCO, you never ovulate? ie: have no hope of falling pg? Any thoughts? ](*,)

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    Hi Snowflake,
    The waiting is so frustrating isn't it!!! I just waited 10 weeks to get my first IVF appt. at Monash at Clayton. Maybe it is the same person. She is a reproductive endocrinologist.I think 6 to 12 weeks is a pretty standard wait for the IVF RE's. I thought the wait would not be so long for a followup appt. but the next appt I could get was 6 weeks !!
    Sorry can't help with your question about PCOS but I hope your 11 weeks flies past.

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    Snowflake - I think you can ovulate with PCOS, just not all the time. I think it's that your ovaries aren't maturing the eggs properly, so there's not always a release of the egg. People do fall pg with PCOS, but it can take a long long time of TTC. You can have regular periods with pcos too, which is why I think a lot of women don't know they have it until they're trying to concieve.

    I always had it in my mind that I'd be TTCing for ages, coz my mum took 5 years to fall with me. And she's had a history of miscarriages etc. Just from discussing mum's history with the OB/GYN, he said it's likely she had PCOS too. She had 5 pg's, but only carried 2. So I guess you can ovulate with PCOS.

    As for the wait to see specialists.. I know!! I had to wait about 2-3 months for my first appointment. Once you're a patient tho, it's not so bad. I guess they have to keep appointments available for the preggie mums.. coz they kinda have a deadline to meet hehe.

    I recommend charting. It makes you feel like your doing something, but it's also useful to see what your body's doing. I reckon it wouldn't hurt to have charts of when your cycle is a bit screwy, to compare with when medication starts, to see if its really working. That's my opinion anyway. And it doesn't hurt to get in the habit of charting, so that you're doing it right when the time comes. (And it's something to do while you wait for your appointments!!)

    Another thing I'll mention too, is our OB/GYN straight away sent my DH for a semen analysis, to rule out the fertility problem being his. I'm saying this, coz I've read on this forum, that some girls are on their medications for months before the doc even sends the partner for tests! So I'd recommend making sure they test him at the same time as you have your tests. No point getting your cycle up and running if his boys aren't up to the task! hehe.

    Good luck with everything. Hope you have a smooth TTC ride.
    :bdust: to everyone!

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hi Snowflake

    Sorry you have to wait so long to see your spec.It seems to be the norm now though, long waits for spec must mean we are having more trouble as a society TTC.

    With PCOS you can ovulate but normally its either to late in your cycle, not at all(which was me), or very randomly, meaning not every cycle.You can still conceive with PCOS as many women have.


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    Kelann Guest


    Hey Snowflake,

    I live in Sydney and it was quite easy for me to get into the spec. I rang to get my first appt and got one a week later...

    Sorry to hear that you have to wait so long....

    Good luck, I see mine on Thursday...


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    snowflake Guest


    Oh, that would be heaven to get in that quickly!
    We figure that it must be meant to be..maybe we will organise that private health insurance afterall.

    Good to have great feedback, makes a difference

    \/ \/ \/

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    Kelann Guest



    Now I know why it was easy to get in to that speacialist so easy....

    She was totally rude to me!!!

    I was in there for 5 mins and she basically kicked me out with a bill for $170.....

    She had me in tears. Never helped me at all and gave me no answers


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