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    Hi girls.

    I am about to start with clomid and/or metforphin. I am quite concerned about what to expect and the side effects, risk of mc and multiples and of course, will it work......?

    I am not sure the difference between the two and which he will start me on. I have decided it's time to start trying and will be making an appt to go see the obs/gyn to start treatment..

    Any advice?

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    Can't really offer a heap of advice but I am currently on Clomid. Ob started me on 50mg from cd2 - 6. I was worried about side effects too but it really hasn't been that bad, the first month I had little headaches (not bad enough to want a panadol) and I was nauseous on the day I took the last tablet but other than that it's been fine. There are a few bad side effects but I think they are very rare and if your ob thought that would happen they wouldn't prescribe it for you. Good luck and I hope you get your BFP real soon!

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    When starting metformin start slowly as they can lead to gastro upsets. I started with half a tablet with breakfast for a couple of weeks, then added the other half with dinner and gradually built up to 2 a day, Gyno recently added another tablet. I've also been on clomid on the past, but doesn't seem to work with me (i ovulate but nothing else happens) and like AJC got headaches but they aren't too bad. If you do fall pg, it's all worth it, isn't it? Clomid has a low risk of multiples, but I always think, if they're going to happen, they will anyway. My gyno also advises you to stay on metformin if you fall pg, but talk to your own gyno about that one as there are risks.

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    Hi ladies,
    I was on met for 5 months and yup just getting to kow what you can and cant eat BAD carbs will make you go to the toilet like a mad women!!

    I was also on clomid for 2 months first cycle 25mg second cycle 50mg.. I got pregnant with twins.. lost one and now still pregnant with #2. I had a MC last septemeber and i have a 15 month old.. no meds for getting pregnant wth him..

    the best thing i did was loose weight. i only needed to loose 10-20kg but made a HUGE difference.. they say even 5KG can get you preggers..

    Chin up.. clomid and met are not that bad.. if you are wanting babies..

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