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Thread: Are stomach cramps a symptom of PCOS?

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    Default Are stomach cramps a symptom of PCOS?


    I tend to have stomach cramping all throughout my cycles, which sometimes makes me feel sick.

    Is this a symptom of PCOS?

    Thanks for your help,


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    pandora315 Guest


    I don't know, I've heard people say that PCOS is supposed to be painless, but I can tell you how I feel during the middle of my cycle. About two weeks before my period is do (that is before it stopped coming) I would get unbearable stabbing pains. Like the kind that make you scream out loud and fall over. I've always considered myself to have a high threshhold for pain, in fact I delivered my son with minimal pain and uncomfortability, and that was without the aid of any type of drugs at all. But when I get those cramps theres nothing that can be done except wait for them to stop which sometimes takes 5 minutes and sometimes takes over an hour. Even the painkillers they prescribed for me did little to stop it. Also, the week before my period was due I'd vomit almost every morning, a bit like morning sickness. Not very pleasant. I don't know if its normal, but thats the way it is/was.

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    PCOS and painless???? Really LOL news to me! I used to socialise with quite a few girls who have PCOS and we all used to whinge about the pains. Be it IBS, a cyst or even AF pains. A gyno once told me PCOS sufferers often have AF pains similar to that of first stage labour pains. And seeing as I have been through labour I can vouch for that LOL (in some cases I would say worse LOL)! Take this cycle for example since Friday I have been taking mersyndol day strength as often as is recommended as the pain has been excruitiating and even that doesn't do all that much. I also tend to get strange cramping throughout my cycles. I too have a high pain threshold and often get quite nauseous and find that I lose my appetite from the pain.

    I don't know if its normal either but I do know its quite common.


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    Kylez Guest


    Hi, I have PCOS and have never had any pain with it at all. I was always under the impression that it was painful so I was a little shocked when I was diagnosed with it but my doctor said everyone is different and it's not abnormal to have no pain 8-[

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    aw Guest



    I get stabbing pains as well, but they are usually either definately on one side or the other of the abdomen. They are usually quite sharp and painful and can last only a few minutes or over an hour. They feel quite different to the menstrual cramps I get, they are more generalised cramps I guess you would describe them.


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    Tayla Guest


    Hi Gwen,

    Not sure if you are still checking this... but I just wanted to tell you to get it checked!

    I have just been back to my own doctor in regards to cramping... particularly when moving my bowels. I simply thought it related to my endo... but I'm now being thoroughly tested for ovarian cancer... apparently this is one of the symptons.

    It's a bit of a shock... and I'm all comes back negative... but it's just a kindly reminder that no matter how insignaficant something may seem... if you feel it isn't right... get it checked!

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