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Thread: Surgical or Natural?? Endo treatment help!

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    Default Surgical or Natural?? Endo treatment help!

    Hi Ladies,

    So I found out last week that I have significant Endo. I had an appointment today with a homeopath as well as my doctor.

    The homeopath has told me that it will take a few months, but he can help me reduce my endo naturally and increse my chances of falling pregnant naturally by 80%.

    My doctor has told me that he doesn't believe natural remedies or diet play a part in endo and that he recommends another lap to remove what is there

    I am so confused now. Has anyone had or heard of positive homeopathic stories? I would prefer to go natural - not only for this but also just for my general health...but at the same time I don't want to waste months on it if I'm just being "fed a story". Like wise with surgery...any personal experiences would be fantastic!!!

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    Hi Emma,

    Its very frustrating isn't it, know what is the right thing to do.

    I had surgery to remove severe endo in October 07. I was told to go onto the hormonal treatment, Zoladex, but couldn't get my head around being put into a false menopause for 6 months.

    I got a second opinion and was told that the BCP would do. I took this for 2 months, but noticed worse pain and my cycle was all over the place, even with the pill, so I went off this.

    I then decided to try Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Have been doing this for almost 2 months now. Haven't found that its helped with the pain yet, but, i've had bad pain for around 2 years now, so i don't expect it to be fixed in 2 months.

    My pain is actually worse since having the laparoscopy in October. I don't regret getting it done, as they found that my left ovary was attached to my bowel through adhesions. The specialist apparently 'removed' all of the endo, but I don't believe that this is possible.

    The second opinion I got was from Dr Michael Cooper in Sydney. He actually believes that it isn't advised to have too many laparoscopys. I was told, after I showed him my pics from my op, that I shouldn't get another lap done, and should TTC within a year of the op.

    In regards to diet and endo, I believe that it definietly plays a role. You need to eat a good, clean diet with lots of fruit and veges. You should avoid caffeine, as it is pro-inflamatory, and increases the bad oestrogens in the body, the ones that promote endo growth. Also, animal meats and dairy are pro-inflamatory and can influence oestrogen metabolism. There are many good books on endo, i'll have to have a look at the ones I have and let you know. They have a lot of info on diet and natural therapies.

    Geeze, sorry for the long post! Hope i've helped a little. In the end, if your goal is to get that BFP, then I spose you have to do what will give you the best chance. I reckon its wise to get 2nd and 3rd opinions, till you are comfortable with making the decision of which treatment to follow.


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    Hi Angel Dee,

    Thank you soo much for sharing your experience. I have been so confused over which avenue to take for the past 2 days but I think I finally have a plan of attack that I am comfortable with. I called the surgeon that my FS recommended yesterday morning, and as it turns out he has just had surgery on his shoulder so I cannot get in to see him for a consult until April 3rd.

    The homeopath I saw gave me Nat.Mur, Sepia and Thurja to take and asked me to come back in a month, so since I can't get in to see the surgeon I decided to give the herbs a go and postpone seeing the surgeon for a few months...I'll monitor my pain, and in 4/5 months time I'll book in for my laparoscopy where they will either a) Remove the endo, or b) see if the endo has "burnt out" as the homeopath put it.

    Of course, the 3rd option is that I take these herbs for the next few months and we concieve - meaning I won't have to have another laparoscopy!!!!

    Thanks again - please let me know how you are going with your herbs and acupuncture.


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